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  1. Jarrett P. Morgan

    M1 Volt sled stolen

    Hello all, I am on a show in Chicago and we had a robbery of our camera truck. Among the equipment stolen was my M1 sled. Please be on the lookout for it, SN 1215008M1 Thanks!
  2. Jarrett P. Morgan

    Glidecam Gold Gimbal (1.5")

  3. Jarrett P. Morgan

    The great Exodus of the Wave1

    The only reason I would sell it is if I had a replacement device to do a similar thing. While I don't use it all the time, it can be a real lifesaver for certain situations.
  4. I got this docking bracket as a part of a recent sled purchase. I already have one for my stand and one for my cart, so have no need for this one. It looks brand new. 2" gorelock, tiffen sized balancing studs. Make me an offer.
  5. Jarrett P. Morgan

    FS: WK Backmount Vest (5'11", 32-35" Waist)

    Bump. $2750 OBO
  6. Jarrett P. Morgan

    FS: Pro DB2

  7. Jarrett P. Morgan

    FS: Pro DB2

  8. Jarrett P. Morgan

    FS: Pro DB2

    I am selling my backup donkey box. It has not been used except to test since it was sent in for service with GPI Pro. It was sent in because the camera tie-down bolt stripped out. It was repaired via a helicoil and declared good to go, though I was warned by Jack that the repair could not be performed twice. A friendly reminder to not let assistants over-tighten your DB repeatedly.... That all being said, it is in good shape and is ready to work. With the helicoil in there is little chance of the same failure happening again. The item has been priced down a bit accordingly as well. Asking $1500 Please PM me here or email me at jpmsteadi@gmail.com
  9. I am selling a glidecam gold gimbal. I used this for about two years before upgrading to my current XCS gimbal. It has been relegated to backup use, but hasn't been used since. Just clearing out some things I never use to make way for some new things. It is perfectly functional, though not the prettiest thing in the world anymore. It is not the best gimbal, but gets the job done. It is 1.5" post and a 5/8" arm post. Asking $850 or best offer. Please PM me here or email me at jpmsteadi@gmail.com
  10. I am finally getting around to selling this extra WK vest. I bought it about two years ago to try out the backmounted vest option, loved it, then preceded to loose a bit of weight. When the vest was really just too big for me I bought a new WK, which I have been using for the last year or so. This vest has been just gathering dust since. Hopefully it lets someone else try out the vest for relatively little investment as it let me. The vest is in good condition: it shows signs of wear, but functions perfectly. It comes with a bag, extra fastening hardware, an allen key set, and a front mount piece. The vest can be fitted over a decent range as there is a spacer link in the front door that can be taken out. I think the comfortable range is 5'10-6' and 32"-35" waist. I am asking 3000 or best offer. Please either send me a PM here, or email me at jpmsteadi@gmail.com
  11. Jarrett P. Morgan

    M1 Gimbal Adapter GPI Pro Sled

    I suppose you could make a spacer of sorts in the M1 gimbal, but I would be worried about slippage. It would also be a very small spacer (.06 of an inch). Certainly an interesting idea. Perhaps you could find someone with an older backup gimbal for 1.56" post to try it with?
  12. I'm doing a little project build using a steadicam top stage as a universal dovetail and am looking for 2-3 camera plates. Doesn't really matter the length or hole pattern. if you have extra ones you don't use, let me take them off your hands. All the best, Jarrett
  13. Jarrett P. Morgan

    Bearing for 3A arm?

    Your best bet is to try Robert Luna. rluna56@earthlink.net