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  1. Reach out to Brian and Nick. I just did and got a response in a day. BByrne@tiffen.com NSomera@tiffen.com
  2. Hi everyone, Just got the newest batch of volt nose cheeseplates back from the anodizer. You can view and purchase them here: https://possumsolutions.company.site/products/Volt-Control-Box-Cheeseplate-p373775722
  3. Pleased to announce the first run of the slingshot cradles are done. 4 of them are still unspoken for. Find them (along with the other items for sale) here: https://possumsolutions.company.site/products/Slingshot-Handheld-Cradle-p376080100 All the best! Jarrett
  4. Hi all, a new run of volt cheeseplates, 15mm teradek studs, and a couple of xspine slingshot adaptors are all available. To make orders easier to keep track of I have put everything on a simple website: https://possumsolutions.company.site/ Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!! -Jarrett
  5. Any local machine shop should be able to turn one for you, but I would be hesitant to put too much weight on a 1/2" pin. If you end up putting a bunch of leverage on it with a trinity type shot" it could fail. I would 100% do stainless steel if you could. Just be careful to not overload the arm or the posts.
  6. Still in the process of making parts for another project, but thought I would post this and see what the interest is. I will do pre-orders for them (payment once they are complete) This was a request from an operator who loved his slingshot but wanted to change to a xspline vest. This adapts the back spar of the xspline to the WK slingshot. Will come with stainless hex bolts, not the phillips shown. Will be anodized black. Consists of two parts, the outer part and the nut for the back. Price will be about 150 each plus shipping. Let me know if there is any interest. My email is jpmsteadi (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks! Jarrett
  7. I like mounting the teradek to the camera via a 15mm stud (have been using a small rig one with a double ended 1/4-20 for years) and a 15mm rod clamp. It allows easy orientation of cables and, unlike a cinelock, doesn't wiggle at all. The only downside was that sometimes the teradek would loosen itself on the rod. I designed this to get away from that and be more compact/purpose built. It uses the main 1/4-20 hole and one of the smaller holes (either m3 or 4-40 depending on age) offset from it to make sure the teradek won't rotate. Selling them for 35 dollars plus shipping (which should be quite cheap via USPS within the states). They come with a 1/4-20 stainless bolt, an m3 stainless for the newer Bolt 3000 and XT, and a 4-40 stainless bolt for the Bolt 2000 and older. Please see the new pictures for more of the part on my Bolt 2k and some of the anodized ones. The anodizing will be slightly different piece to piece as the different batches are slightly different shades of black. Please let me know if you have any questions! You can PM me here, or email me: jpmsteadi (at) gmail (dot) com
  8. While I was out of town a couple of folks asked for one, so I also have another run done of the Volt cheeseplate. This is a slight redesign that makes it both lighter and puts holes on the bottom of the volt (or top if you flip it around) to mount things to. It has two arri pin 3/8s in the standard 50mm spacing as well as 1/4-20 holes in the standard 9/18mm spacing used by Arri, smallrig, and the like. I use one to mount a low mode monitor on. The anodized black pictures are the new version. The old pictures are there to give examples of things to mount. The cheeseplate will included 4 stainless steel mounting screws. Price is 80 USD plus shipping. Anodizing color may be slightly different. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  9. I am back in the states and making some new brackets. This one was a request from two friends of mine who both have Ultra 2 sleds with Volts. The stock volt brain mounting isn't ideal, so I designed up a new one. This puts the volt brain right under the nose; no more hitting it with the gimbal. When delivered it will come with the four screws needed to attached it to the volt as well as stainless replacements for the top stage screws. It will be anodized black. Excuse the poor photos, I hope you get the idea. Please let me know if you are interested in buying one. I am doing these for 120 dollars, plus shipping.
  10. My show got pushed two more weeks, so some more design work. I have had some slight issues with some vibrations when mounting things to the front of the volt. specificlly on a show where for real low mode stuff we would mount a light ranger 2 with a low mode monitor. I had a 3d printed solution that worked okay, but the last two days I designed and built this: A volt stiffener bracket for the M1 with standard volt mounting. Uses three bolts from the cover plate under the top stage and mounts to one of the back threaded holes on the volt. Triangulates the volt control box and makes it super solid. The bracket is silver in these photos, but will be anodized black when delivered. Ships with all stainless hardware needed to install. 60 dollars plus shipping. Please email jpmsteadi (at) gmail.com if interested
  11. A pro diving board dovetail with 2 1/4-20 holes tapped in it, spaced at 18mm. Used to mount most of the small Rig parts, be it a 60mm bracket or a Nato rail for a low mode monitor. I can fairly easily change the tapped hole pattern to fit other accessories if need be. 60 dollars plus shipping, will be black anodized. Please shoot me an email at jpmsteadi@gmail.com if interested
  12. On a roll of re-making the accessories I made over the summer on the manual mill in CNC. Since I am remaking them for myself and going through the process of design and CAM I figured I would keep offering them to folks if they want them. A Volt Nose cheeseplate: Has 16 1/4-20 threaded holes and two 3/8-16 holes with indexing for arri pins. The 3/8 holes are arri standard 50mm spacing, while the center 1/4- 20s are arri standard 9mm spacing. Attaches to the front of the volt via four countersunk stainless bolts (supplied with the cheeseplate) The plate is thick enough for at least all the accessories I have to not hit the volt behind, while thin enough to be as light as possible: only 33 grams with the four countersunk bolts. Lots of options of things to mount, but my go-to is a short smallrig nato rail. I used the nato rail monitor mount from smallrig to have a really quick anti-rotation low mode monitor mount. The cheeseplates will be black anodized. $80 dollars plus shipping. Please email me at jpmsteadi@gmail.com if you are interested. Custom modifications can be accommodated.
  13. Lawrence, I currently use them on a Tiffen Universal Monitor Bracket, but these offsets should be able to be used with any yoke. Currently designed for a 1/4-20 through bolt, but if you have specific needs I can work to make sure it will be compatible with your yoke! all the best, Jarrett
  14. I have come to a nice version of the bracket I posted a couple days ago and am going to do a small run of them for anyone interested. I think 10 pairs is what I am going to do initially. Come with all hardware needed (the stainless 1/4 20 bolt length will depend on your monitor yoke and we can figure out which ones you need). The bracket is reversible, making it useful for using a battery or not. It keeps the mounting point flush with the monitor for the thinnest profile possible. The nylon washers, along with the through axle design and locknut allow you to dial in the amount of rotational resistance and it will never change. I rocked the first gen of mine for about 6 months and never touched it. Rotate the monitor to where you want it and it just stays. All told the mounting kit is 57 grams in weight- hardware included. I am selling ones from this first run for 100 plus shipping. Please shoot me an email if interested: jpmsteadi@gmail.com
  15. I haven't had any real issues with mine yet. At least nothing that has taken it out of action. The roll pulley has had the side pop off of two of them now. The dolly grip or assistant docking wrong and it pops super easy. If the belt is aligned properly there really isn't a need for it anyway. The other slightly annoying thing that happened was an assistant was putting away the rig and the gimbal was pushed way up the post. The plastic of the volt ended up rubbing on the knurled knob of the tilt stage and getting all scratched up. All cosmetic, but still a bummer. Electronically and mechanically where it counts its been rock solid. And I can't imagine operating without it now. Ive been able to nail shots I couldn't have even dreamed of before.
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