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  1. Hi Stanley. Is the HU3 still available. scottippolito@gmail.com
  2. Hi Henry, I'm interested. Direct email is scottippolito@gmail.com Thank you. Scott
  3. Hey Erik, sorry I got sidetracked. Still interested. Please email me at scottippolito AT gmail DOT com.
  4. I'm upgrading my rig so selling my Steadicam Aero 30 and Steadimate. I've had them for less than six months and everything is in new condition. The only thing you need to add is the monitor of your choice. Steadicam Standard Vest Steadicam Aero 30 Sled with AB mount Steadicam Aero 30 Arm Steadimate Comes with a Steadicam Case that was originally made for an Archer 2 model. Not a perfect fit, but it allows you to carry the sled, arm, vest and steadimate all in a single case with wheels. Steadicam Aero 30 costs 4600 new Steadimate costs 500 new Case costs 700 from Tiffen Total cost new 5800 Asking price 4500 obo Located in Atlanta. Email scottippolito "at" gmail "dot" com for photos.
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