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  1. I have a shoot coming up on thursday and friday and I may need a two channel lens control. I have a single channel bartech. It is not confirmed whether I need this, still waiting to hear back from the director. Anybody has one for rent you can call or text colin 818 519 2504. I have a pro cinelive. colin
  2. If you texted me back in June offering to buy this, please text me again. My phone died and I lost all my old messages. I am back in town and ready to ship. thanks, Colin 818 5192504
  3. I am selling a used Stanton Zoom/Focus for steadicam. Includes focus motor and cable, fugi gear and case. $1500 I am in Los Angeles Colin 8185192504
  4. What size is Archer 2? I have some for Archer 1 I think are 1/2 inch. Colin Donahue
  5. Francisco, thank you for the info. Colin
  6. Can anyone tell me the post diameter of the Aero? Is it the same as the Flyer LE? Colin Donahue
  7. Hey guys, I need a downconverter for a shoot today. My Nebtek SDI input died and I can only do analog. Anybody in the hollywood area have one for rent ? Colin Donahue
  8. I had the tally wired on my DP 7. I can't remember how I did it, but It has to go through the composite video connection on the side of the monitor. This is difficult if you have a yolk because there is usually very little clearance between the monitor and the yolk. You need a right angle Hirose, and I don't think they make one. The tally lights are located on the back of the monitor so you can't even see them when they are lit. On top of that, the DP7 2.0.4 software upgrade disables the composite connection . I called Small HD about this and they said they were going to fix it. That was at least a year ago. I can't remember if it disables the tally, but since I couldn't see it anyway, I ended up getting the Zalex Tally from Peter Abraham. I am happy with the Zalex. Colin
  9. I need a replacement for my gzoom for tomorrow. The focus works, but zoom doesn't. I am in LA. 818 5192504 Thanks Colin
  10. Dear operators, Thank you to all who offered up their Bartech units. I am all set. Thank you Colin Donahue
  11. I have a shoot on Friday and I need a backup Bartech. Anyone who has one available in the LA area please contact me at 1colind@gmail.com or text 818 519 2504 Thank you Colin Donahue
  12. Rob, I see you did not mention anything about "and make sure I don't end up in the swimming pool" :blink: LOL Colin Donahue
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