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  1. Hey everyone, Been using the Steadicam Pilot for a few years, on a very occasional basis and I'm generally very happy with it. Tempted to upgrade to the Aero 30 as I'm now mostly flying Red cameras, but in the meantime the one thing I'd like to look at is upgrading the crappy Merlin/Pilot vest with the plastic chestpiece of doom. Any recommendations for something a little sturdier, not too expensive and that can easily take the pilot arm? Thanks all.
  2. Hi Mike The Flyer sled is probably going to be above my requirements and price level.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm a horrible newb who's been using the Merlin for a while. Just rented a Pilot for the weekend and fell in love. Now looking to upgrade. If anyone has a Pilot sled - particularly if the monitor and battery mount are missing, non-functioning or otherwise unsellable - I'd be interesting in buying. Many thanks Tom
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