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  1. Unfortunately it is not. Thank you though for your interest.
  2. This Steadicam Ultra 2 has been sold. Thank you.

  3. Gareth, Since we have spoken, I have sold this unit. Thank you for the interest though. Best, Brett
  4. Gareth, Where are you located? As I said, I have a sale pending but they don't want the vest. Let me know if you're seriously interested and we can discuss this further. Thank you, Brett
  5. Gareth, I have a sale pending but has not gone through yet. I'm taking the rid to Steadicam Burbank today so they can check it out, (as requested by the potential buyer.) This rig has never needed any service but I want whom ever is buying this to be perfectly confident with the equipment. I'll keep you posted. Are you interested in this entire package? Vest and all? Thank you, Brett
  6. Steadicam Ultra 2 Package FOR SALE. Complete package with sled, vest, G70 arm and duplicate cables and accessories. Asking $28K. Pictures of the complete package at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a73dirw88uhev0l/AAAfXKfRW1X9lUjsneUanYgGa?dl=0
  7. Ashley, I have an Ultra 2 that is in great condition. LMK. Brett
  8. Tolga, I have an Ultra 2 for sale if you're interested. It's in great condition, vest and arm. LMK. Brett

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