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  1. I preordered and received RIGHT AFTER a move with NBA players. Man I wish I had this on that movie. It's a great tool, and I used it on some POV work for the new Halloween coming out this year. Well made, Charles.
  2. In addition to my sled, arm, and omega AR, I also have a Wave1 that has been used probably 3 times the last few years. Looking to sell this as well. I've received lot's of emails, and will get back to you all asap. A little hectic over here. stewartcantrell@gmail.com Thanks
  3. Potentially looking to sell my backup sled and arm. They have sat unused for a few years now. Pictures upon request. stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  4. Bought used a few years ago and used twice since. Hopefully someone can put it to better use than I have. On top of the used AR, I bought a brand new motorized monitor bracket for it, and brand new laser cut foam cases. Photos available upon request, located in NY $23,000 stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  5. Hello all, I finally decided to upgrade to a different case and am hoping someone can put my old one to use. Free to a good home, just cover the shipping. Located in NY.
  6. Hey Adam, I have a sled in good condition. Email me and we can chat if you're interested. stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  7. If Ron doesn't take it, I'm interested too! Would have to ship to NYC though. 704 622 8234
  8. Kyle, Did you move back to NYC? Lets get up and we can have a practice day! Glad to see you're getting into steadicam!
  9. I know this was a long time ago, but if anyone has any leads on a similar setup being sold right now, please let me know. Tried emailing Meredith and was not surprised that the email was no longer good.
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