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  1. Stew Cantrell

    WTB Pro Cinelive Complete Sled

    Hey Greg, Email me. stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  2. Stew Cantrell

    Technovision Mark III S Geared Head

    If Ron doesn't take it, I'm interested too! Would have to ship to NYC though. 704 622 8234
  3. Stew Cantrell

    Vehicle mount Walter Klassen New

    No mitchell plate?
  4. Stew Cantrell

    Workshops, Money and Women Ops.

    Kyle, Did you move back to NYC? Lets get up and we can have a practice day! Glad to see you're getting into steadicam!
  5. Taj, Email me! stewartcantrell@gmail.com Thanks man
  6. Taj, Interested in the adaptor. Email me - stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  7. Stew Cantrell

    XCS rain cover update...

    I know this was a long time ago, but if anyone has any leads on a similar setup being sold right now, please let me know. Tried emailing Meredith and was not surprised that the email was no longer good.
  8. Stew Cantrell

    MK-V Omega "AR2"

    PM me as well. Cheers
  9. Stew Cantrell


    Robert is the man! Hope it goes to a good home, shooting you a text.
  10. Stew Cantrell

    PRO HD Superpost

    Item has sold, thanks for the interest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Stew Cantrell

    PRO HD Superpost

    PRO HD Superpost for sale. HD centerpost cable included. Located in NYC, but buyer can pay for shipping. Looking for $1,300 I'll take photos if wanted. Email - stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  12. Stew Cantrell

    Gorelock 1.5" Docking Ring

    If you can ship it to NYC I'll take it! stewartcantrell@gmail.com
  13. Stew Cantrell

    Selling My children

    Not looking to buy anything, but just wanted to say this post made me sentimental.
  14. Stew Cantrell

    Baseplate for Alexa Studio in NY

    Thanks Ben, I actually ended up buying this plate in the middle of 2015 for a feature on an Alexa Studio and I love it.
  15. Stew Cantrell

    2015 East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    I'll be there!