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  1. I'm wondering if you need help with updating steadishots.org? shoot me an email spaner.camera@gmail.com  would love to help preserve it


  2. I made this a while back to replace the CineBags bag that I kept on my cart at the time. The CineBag was soft and floppy and I felt things didn't really have a proper place within it - more just everything thrown in together. So I made this. Has a top section for everyday cables and screws and personal items, etc. The main compartment has two removable trays, with storage beneath, and is where I kept my plates, rods, brackets, and whatever else. Last summer I upgraded my cart to an Inovativ and I built a whole new set of drawers, so I no longer needed this box. I'm finally getting around to putting it up for sale. While I was using it, it sustained the expected scratches and dings. I've gone ahead and refinished it - sanding out most of them, although a few scars remain. None of which affect the functionality, and the interior remains in excellent condition. Important to note... As is, this box was built for a cart that remains built all the time. It was never intended to come off. I roll the cart in and out of my car, fully built and loaded. If you're interested, and have a system where your cart must be broken down for transport, I could probably install some handles on the box, making it easier to lift on and off - though depending what you put in it, it could get a little heavy. Your call. When I initially made this and posted pictures, I had requests from others to make one for them. I said I probably wouldn't have time to get to any in the near future, but when I do the price would likely be around $1500. I know it's pricey for what's essentially a tool box, but these things are made entirely by hand and take me a long time to make. And I will say this - if you want to get friendly with the grip department, these are magnets for the grips. I had key grips on the radio to the rest of his crew telling them to stop by the Steadicam cart to check it out. Definitely buys you some respect points there. Anyway, considering this is used and has a few dings, I'm asking $900. Below are photos just after construction (brand new): And here are photos taken today, after refinishing:
  3. I'll be making some wood ones in the near future if that's your taste.
  4. I'm so insanely glad I cut ties with that company when I did.
  5. $4700, or make a reasonable offer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. These electronics have just returned from David Hable. They are originally PRO SD electronics, but have been rewired for TWO HD lines, and one SD line. The brand new HD Post cable is included, along with the old SD post cable. These electronics have not been used - the wiring is essentially brand new since the upgrade. The new generation of PRO electronics, along with an HD center post cable, runs about $6400 USD. These electronics are functionally very similar - and still more than sufficient for any work on any set (heck, they're better than mine now - I even considered keeping these and selling mine). Asking $5,000 + shipping. PayPal Preferred. aftongrant@gmail.com or text 781-883-4235
  7. They switched from one operator to another? I didn't know this. Who was the other op? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I know some are already aware of this, but I feel it necessary to repeat the warning. In the last two days, I have dealt with "sellers" claiming to have equipment for sale, namely PRO Arms. The sales have both been phony. I suspect these aren't the last ones to show up here. These scams are particularly dangerous because of the items they are selling. We all know used PRO arms sell like lightning, and it's often a race to be the first buyer when one goes up for sale. This makes people quick to transfer money. Please, please, please take the warnings so far. SPEAK ON THE PHONE with the seller. NOT forum PM. NOT text message. NOT email. Make sure they're legit. Ask specific questions. Do NOT transfer funds until you are 100% certain the person on the other end is legit. Accounts have been hacked and the person whose name and picture are on the listing may not be the person that is taking your money.
  9. I've seen those. The description says they're made for the 6x6 and 8x8 gyros, not the 4x4 although I have to imagine a 4x4 would mount or could be mounted fairly easily. More importantly, however, the post mount is the one I feel is a necessity. The dovetail and battery mounts would be nice to have as options, just in case, but the majority of the time I use these will be mounted to my post. I don't want to add that much mass that far away from the gimbal, all on one side. The compensation for it on the other side would be too much.
  10. Does anybody know what the current options are for buying gyro mounts? PRO doesn't make them anymore and they've sold out of what they did. MK-V isn't communicating. I'm very specifically looking for a post mount for a KS 4x4, but dovetail and Anton Bauer mounts would be nice too. Thanks! Afton
  11. I used these exclusively on a show last summer. The whole camera dept loved them. They'd be a strong contender, if not my choice, when it comes time to replace my dionics.
  12. Hey everybody, It's taken me a long time to finally write this. Partly because of the reason why I'm writing it in the first place, and partly because I wish I didn't have to. 10 years ago I created Steadishots.org. It was a passion project, and I feel it hit the audience I wanted it to hit in a way that was better than I had originally imagined. People liked it. I was happy. I was at a very different place in my personal and professional life. Now I have a family, a house, and my work is busier than ever. My previous life as a web developer is a more and more distant memory. I'm embarrassed at how neglected the site has been in the last few years. I feel it might be time to pass the torch. Technology has changed. The Internet has changed. Cameras and filmmaking have changed. I want Steadishots to be able to keep up with it all, but I simply do not have the time to devote to it to see that it does. I would like to find someone willing to take over the reigns. I would still like to be involved, but in a directorial manner. I've been diligent to make sure the content on the site has been of good quality - content that can actually teach and inspire. I do not want a dumping ground for a bunch of demo reels or poorly designed or executed one take music videos. I want the content to be substantial and I am hoping to find someone that shares that vision. At the same time, the person needs to be well versed in Internet design and development, or at least have access to someone that is. This is where I realize things might be tricky. It's a lot to ask, I know. I figure I'd shoot high and see where it lands. The site earns me no money, so I have nothing to pass on, unfortunately. I hope someone out there might have a similar passion that I did 10 years ago. And not that I don't still have that passion. It's just now sharing a stage with a busier career, a house, a wife and some kids. It's crowded. So if anyone out there thinks they or someone they know might be a good fit, please get in touch. I'd love to chat about it. Thank you to everyone for all your support over the years. It really means a lot, and I'm proud of the project so far. All the best, Afton aftongrant@gmail.com
  13. Couldn't help it... Bo - no no no no. That may sound negative, but hear me out, and I'll try to give the broad strokes here, saving details for later. No such thing as a half day rate, and who cares how long you operate for the day. 8 hour guarantee, 10 hour guarantee, whatever you can get. Whether they use you for 10 hours or 5 minutes - you get paid for a full day. And it's not because of all the hassle of phone calls, getting to and from set, etc... it's because once you take that half day - assuming you're an honorable guy and fulfill your commitments - you'll have to turn down every other full day that is looking for an operator that day. I've had producers at the end of a day where the Steadicam work was literally one shot try to negotiate a lower rate. With as straight a face as possible I ask, "If every shot today had been Steadicam, would you have paid me more than what we agreed on?" That usually ends the conversation. No introductory rate. You'll find it very difficult to dig out from down the road. And $800/day for labor AND rental???? Is that really the going rate down there? I guess if you don't have a big rig, and aren't in the union, you're probably in a market with which I'm unfamiliar. Perhaps that rate is fair. I wouldn't be able to advise. The first two points, however, should apply regardless. Be consistent. Be clear. Get things in writing. Try not to do "favors", especially for people/producers you don't know. An $800 day of Steadicam is already doing them a huge favor.
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