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  1. Preston Cinema Systems HU3-MDR2, F/I Unit, Digital Microforce COMPLETE KIT! £16,000.00 

    Excellent condition, fully operational, HU3 recently checked by Optical Support in London. 

    Fully kitted out 3 axis FIZ system comprising of:

    1 x HU3 Handset G4 latest firmware (mint condition) serial no: 1380

    5 x Pre marked rings A-E 

    5 x Blank HU3 rings

    1 x Focus /Iris Handset (blank ring)

    1 x MDR 2 receiver G4. serial no: 2983

    Cinematic Precision MDR paddle

    1 x Digital Microforce unit. HU3 bracket. Short cable

    Digital microforce serial no: 99550, Y cable to Arri 3 pin RS

    1 x DM2 motor with Hill bracket serial no: 5729

    1 x DM2 motor with Hill bracket serial no: 5196

    1 x Heden MV26VE Motor with 19/15 mm bracket serial no: 52769

    4 x motor cables

    Cinetape interface cable. Box version.

    1 x Sony dual battery charger.

    6 x New in box NP 500 Batteries.

    Power cables to cover Arri/Panavision/Red cameras

    Run cables to cover Arri/Panavision//Red cameras.

    1560 Peli case with Trek Pak foam divider set.

    This has been a back up kit. Its always been well looked after and is in great condition.  The HU3 handset in particular is in excellent condition and all components have been checked and are working with no issues. 

    Located in the Uk but can ship quickly and with relatively low costs to buyer.

    please send any questions or offers to Ren_@mac.com

    Kindest regards



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