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  1. Hey Emily, custom all the way! I have a buddy who's an audiologist, and he just hooked me up with a set of Sensaphonics with a 25db filter (interchangeable with lower cut filters if needed). His main advice, regardless of brand, is to stick with silicone earplugs in the custom world, not acrylic. Much better seal. Also this is a great app for keeping track of your exposure: NIOSH SLM - https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/2017/01/17/slm-app/ Good luck!
  2. Sorry, Isaac, been off the forum for a bit... they seem to have updated the website quite a bit and can't find it anymore. I'd just give them a call and they should be able to hook you up. Good luck!
  3. Hey Connor - here's the Tiffen link and B&H. You might be able to track one down elsewhere... Good luck! http://www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=steadicam&itemnum=807-7350-02 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/875137-REG/steadicam_807_7350_02_small_dovetail_ab_battery.html
  4. Get 'em straight from Tiffen, I think they were on the accessories page
  5. Ya know, for not a lot of money, you can add cross back straps to a Zephyr vest. I did it to mine, and it helps a lot with its side to side stability. Probably would help even more with bigger payloads...
  6. Janet Arthur will sell you just the plates, in varying weights. You can look her up here on the forum...
  7. The Exo can go very narrow, and I know of one op that just had them make one with custom velcro waist straps to go even smaller...
  8. Do you have an AC adapter for the black magic unit? Maybe you could rule out sled power that way. I seem to remember some of their units were a bit fussy about getting regulated 12V? Good luck!
  9. Hi folks, I'm selling my Exovest that I've had for a year or two. It's been lightly used with my Zephyr, so it's still in perfect shape. I'm the second owner. The original owner provided an entire box of backup parts, and several sets of pads. I picked up a full set of pads top and bottom, so these are practically new. In total there are 4 full sets of shoulder pads, and two sets of hip pads. There's also the original soft bag, however it's ripped on one end. Everything will ship in the Pelican flight case. Included: - Box of bagged spare parts - Manual - 4 total sets of shoulder pads, one set new - 2 sets of hip pads, one new - Soft bag - Pelican flight case Asking $4800 obo. I'll cover shipping US domestic shipping, international buyer can cover it. Item is located in upstate NY. Thanks very much! Contact me through the forum, or @ cvancampen <at> rochester.rr.com
  10. I think this is like the one I got: https://www.mcmaster.com/#92385a046/=1cliqjg
  11. If you're talking about the pin holding the arm to the male socket, you can get a better than original one from McMaster Carr for not a lot of $$. If memory serves, i's 1/4" OD x 4" long? I can measure later if you need a check on that. Get one with a push button and multiple balls. The stock was only one ball.
  12. Hi Tony - did you consult the manual? http://www.tiffen.com/images/content/Merlin%20Manual%20Nov8_Lo.pdf What camera are you trying to mount on it, and is it within the Merlin's range? Smaller rigs can be finicky, especially if something (anything) on the top stage isn't buttoned down. If you've got a loose camera strap or cables, you're not going to have much luck...
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