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  1. Just looking for one of those smaller width dovetail plates with the fore-aft gear rack
  2. Well you did request a "couple BNC" didn't you
  3. Huh, interesting, I've just been using a female d-tap to PHG lemo end and a multimeter. Really easy to get probes into the female d-tap. Good to know!
  4. It is a straight forward matter to replace all the cables in the pilot system
  5. You don't have to be fancy, you can use a pipe clamp of some sort and mount a battery plate to it then clamp the assembly onto the bottom rod. The 1/4-20 at the bottom is sketchy since it's a single point of contact. Doesn't the aero bottom rod have threaded ends for merlin weights anyways?
  6. Hey Rich, Does this go for the cross-converter as well?
  7. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-Tub-Tackle-Utility-Binder/2332885.uts?productVariantId=4717417&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=GoogleProductAds&WT.z_mc_id1=04522175&rid=20&gclid=CO_izJaB1NMCFdxWDQod6OAN2g&gclsrc=aw.ds I swear by these
  8. Anyone want to add onto a parts list? I've started a google docs with links to some of the most common spare parts antennas, collars, bolts, low mode pins, etc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fr8UHu--cphc3W22N1eu8U5AoFES6C3fbYoUaj4ddDQ/edit?usp=sharing It's shared and editable I'm not aware of any other resource and this one is rather short, but would love to see collaboration or links to better sources
  9. I had to walk away from a scene where they had a 4x4 doing donuts in the street. He came way too close and hit a puddle of muddy crap and sprayed rocks and shit all over the camera and rig. Nothing damaged but that was the end of that!
  10. I have seen this issue when cross-converting a PSF signal with my 702, were you running it through any sort of converter?
  11. Used Steadicam Scout https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/735268-REG/Steadicam_SCBXSDBVFA_Scout_Camera_Stabilizer_V_Lock.html Comes with original monitor (still has plastic covering on the LCD) Arm Vest Docking Bracket Plate can be either AB or VL, I can swap it out upon request Excellent equipment for anyone starting out or looking for a small rig for smaller camera work pictures http://imgur.com/a/mCuZD In NYC
  12. Pilot, Zephyr, Flyer LE, and presumably the Aero all share the same bracket
  13. It's a more flexible system with rods and dbox. However you definitely lose out on max camera load since you can no longer easily drop your sled's center of balance (hinged arm lets you put batteries near vertical and super low) and because you will have more weight on the bottom with the rod and plate setup you'll use. That said, 15mm rods just look more legit. Period.
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