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  1. Ah yes but the problem was not that I didn't have an Alexa dovetail plate (I did) it was the Alexa wedge BP-3 that was missing on the kit - this is something I would expect only the Facilties conpany would supply. Unfortunately not in this case.
  2. Hello Benjamin, thanks for the reply - I've been investigating the situation with rental companies and other Steadi Ops. It was the way the camera was mounted to the rig, not locking the back pin. Now another question - if you were a 'day player' on a long running production using the Alexa; who would supplying the correct Alexa plate fall down on? The operator? Or the rental company?
  3. Hello guys, I've been working with the Alexa lately and on viewing the rushes have found small but very fast vibrations - at first we thought it was the remote iris control; as it seemed to happen when the DP racked it. It was not noticeable whilst operating I.e no vibrations felt down the post (using the Ultra rig). Any theories welcome here. Thank you.
  4. My on/off switch is flickering - would I have to open up the entire bottom of the sled to fix/solder this - or can I just pop out the switch?
  5. Sounds like a plan - thanks lads.
  6. Hello guys, I own the Old Skool Tiffen Ultra Cine arm (See below if I've attached the picture correctly), the first job it had was Shaun Of The Dead, so I'm guessing by the age of the film its 10 years old - and its been immaculatley looked after. I've never overloaded it (much) in the 3 years of my possession. Recently I've been hearing horror stories of these arms going bang on set and just dropping - and this is putting the fear of god in me! I will be upgrading in the next couple of years……..should I be worried?
  7. Ok, what's the best make of trainers a Steadi Op can own? I have Asics Gel - but is there a better recommendation ? Cheers Paulie GBCT (Steadi Ultra Cine owner) :o
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