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  1. Had a real good laugh ... check out the picture. Looks like a Franken-rig bolted to the Tin Man. http://www.mandy.com/1/class3.cfm?v=51461387
  2. FOR SALE: gently used, like-new, Blackmagic Design HDMI->SDI Mini Converter. The converter has been modified with an internal 12v regulator, and a LEMO connector for the power supply. The converter includes a 120v power supply, and one (1) 12v LEMO power cable. (Mod & LEMO cable was done by David Hable @ Cramped Attic in Vancouver.) $200.00 plus shipping Purchaser is responsible for all shipping, taxes & import costs. Shipping options: FedEx, UPS, Purolator Local pickup available in Winnipeg, MB, Canada Payment options: International Money Orders, Bank Drafts, Visa & MasterCard (via Paypal +3% processing fee)
  3. zephyr, cna you send pics, I like to see it Jerry@complexmotion.com



  4. FOR SALE: a very gently used Steadicam Zephyr in pristine condition. Originally purchased in April 2011, and upgraded to HD shortly thereafter. Package includes: Zephyr HD sled (IDX V-Mount) Zephyr Arm Standard Vest Marshall Daylight Viewable 6.5" V-LCD651STX-3GSDI HD monitor link Marshall Digital Level Composite SD Monitor (for backup) Two (2) IDX Endura 10 Batteries IDX VL-2 Charger Cables & Accessories Docking Bracket & Steadicam "Steadistand" (with bag) Extra Balance Weights Hardshell Flight Case I also have some Li-ION batteries & small charger so the Marshall monitor could be used in a standalone configuration. $12,500 (USD) Purchaser is responsible for all shipping, taxes & import costs. Shipping options: FedEx, UPS, Purolator Local pickup available in Winnipeg, MB, Canada Payment options: International Money Orders, Bank Drafts, Visa & MasterCard (via Paypal +3% processing fee) Pictures available upon request. For more information, please contact me at: dave.wowchuk (at) me.com
  5. Dave Wowchuk

    Zephyr Wiring

    Wondering if anyone (besides Michael Craig @ Tiffen) knows what the wiring is like inside the Zephyr? They've made spaces available in the top stage for expansion, but I'm not sure if the wiring inside is. Here's my dilemma: I have a live event shoot coming up where the camera only has one HD-SDI output and a HDMI output. I need two feeds - one to my monitor and one to production. Any suggestions? Here's what I've received so far: - take a cable from the monitor loop-through back out to production - use an external HD-SDI splitter - take the HDMI output to a HDMI-SDI mini-converter, then split the feeds - take the HD-SDI loop through from the monitor and send the signal back through the BNC dedicated for SD video up to the top stage (weird, can you actually run SDI through standard SD wiring?)
  6. There's one other thing I'm considering, and I'm stealing the idea from my Redrock Micro DSLR baseplate. It has a tiny stud that threads into the baseplate, which then fits into the bottom of my 5DM2. It keeps the camera from rotating on the 1/4-20. If you drilled a tiny hole in the square mount at the bottom of the monitor, and added the threaded stud to the monitor mount ... wouldn't that work? http://store.redrockmicro.com/Catalog/DSLRClamps/DSLRbaseplate)
  7. I use a small piece of fabric tape ... it holds for now, but a more "permanent" solution is definitely in order.
  8. Not yet ... to be honest, it totally slipped my mind until just the other day when I was extending the post. DW
  9. Underneath that plastic knob is a 1/2" socket cap 1/4 -20 screw. My cap came off accidentally. If the safety stop is supposed to be there ... I don't have one.
  10. Hey Mark ... you know I'm a Zephyr owner, but I'll post anyways. This isn't my first rig. I sold my Glidecam Gold rig (too big for the size of cams I'm shooting with nowadays.) The Zephyr is a tremendous upgrade IMHO. I've shot with the Sony XDCAM PDW-355, EX1, and tricked out 5DM2. All have worked very nicely. I love the simplicity of the rig, and the fact that it is HD/SD compatible. Of course the major weakness was the stock monitor (junk) which I replaced with the Marshall 6.5" STX. I had to modify the wiring harness to accommodate the 4 pin XLR to power the monitor, and also changed the RCA connector to BNC. (Nice to have friends that are broadcast engineers.) Also had to change the socket cap screw to mount the monitor as the one Tiffen supplied was too long. Tried flying a iPad teleprompter from ProPrompter and it worked well. I added a couple of Merlin weights as I don't like extending the post all the way (I'd rather have weight vs. length.) Issues: I have noticed some slight vibration, and I suspect it is from the upper stage. But then again, this was with the 5DM2 in a Redrock Micro setup. Another issue was with the bottom section of the post. It doesn't have a safety stop so it can come right out if you're not careful. My lower section slipped out on a shoot because the clamp wasn't tight enough. Easily fixed, but still freaked me out when the post came out. Love the arm, love the vest. Hate the docking bracket. Jerry Hill will be getting more business from me soon. I wish the post was a wee bit larger.
  11. I'm surprised that the monitors that are being shipped with the SD Zephyr are different.the one that shipped with mine looked nothing like that. That one is definitely the same one as the Flyer, and its the same one that came with my first rig, the Glidecam Gold. Worst monitor I've ever had.
  12. I own the Marshall 6.5" STX monitor, and it works very well outdoors in direct sunlight. I was shooting for 12 hours outside this week under varying conditions, in Steadicam and non-Steadicam use. There were times where a hood may have helped, but for the most part it performed adequately. The Cinetronic is probably amazing ... would love to see one sometime.
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