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  1. Is your gimbal still smooth? Otherwise the gimbal does make a single click when switching from high to low mode, it's the bearing reseating itself in the other side of the groove, and it's perfectly normal with the PRO gimbal.
  2. hey, any Flyer, Pilot, Zephyr or even Archer should work. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1027080-REG/steadicam_804_7900_pilot_sled_docking_bracket.html
  3. Hi Rob, welcome to the world of Steadicam. Short answer, yes there is a way, contrary to gimbals, steadicam requires the operator to learn how to manually correct it. Properly adjusting and balancing the rig as well as understanding the physics behind it, along with training, are important to achieve good stable footage. I would recommend you to read "the Steadicam operators handbook" available on Amazon. It's a wonderful book written by the best Steadicam operators and instructors. If you want to learn more after that a workshop is a really good investment, definitely worth every penny.
  4. Looking for a Steadicam dovetail compatible with PRO top stage. I'm located in NYC.
  5. Hi. What is the brand / model you're using? The behavior you describe doesn't seem to be normal. The sled should float in front of you when in resting position without having to hold it from flying away. You can adjust it with the two thumb screws on the socket block for the fore and aft and with a large Allen key to spin the bolts inside the socket block for side to side. If you feel like it accelerates, it might be that your vest is not firmly attached to your body and starts shifting on you, allowing the rig to fly away. Check that the center spar of the vest is straight and aligned with yo
  6. Get rid of it and get a real Steadicam. Otherwise for a real answer maybe some other place discussing gimbal stabilizers might be more appropriate since this is a Steadicam forum.
  7. Hi, Welcome to the Steadicam forum. As the name says this forum is Steadicam centric so this kind of gimbals are a bit out of the subject. I would recommend you try on a DS1 group on Facebook such as the Gimbal Brotherhood https://www.facebook.com/groups/415514008642391/ Best. V.
  8. Tom Wills made me an adapter that sits on the arm post. Mine is to go from PRO to flyer size but I'm sure you can make different sizes.
  9. The M1V was demoed at Abel Cine yesterday in NYC. I got to try it along with the Exovest with 3rd arm segment. Here are my impressions and what I learned. The M1V electric gimbal is really nice, it works in combination with your skills, allowing you to get a stronger haptic feedback and helping you keep your horizon. You can still go dutch if you desire. If you let go of the post the motors will work in reducing the pendulum. They will also work to keep your post centered during whip pans. The production version will have a connector to also have the "Knight Rider" digital horizon reader like
  10. That's the one I linked on Amazon. It's great!
  11. I use this for my main cables: http://a.co/7U3pBcb Then Travel pouches for the rest Nice one Michael, I might have to get one of those as well
  12. Hi guys, Posting for a friend in NYC: Hello friends! I just happened into a small lot of Heden snap-on gear sets (0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8) at a deep discount and I'm offering them up here to for purchase. I have three sets remaining and will dole them out first come first served. These are brand new sets (selling for 300eur on the Heden website): http://heden.se/accessories/gears/gear-set-of-four-m21ve-m21ve-l/ I'm asking $125 each including free shipping (USA only). Let me know if you're interested! Thanks so much. Cheers, Jordan jordan.levie@gmail.com
  13. See here, The SO-XLR had a 4 pin 12V XLR connector since it connects to the gold mount which is 12V. This means that a higher amperage goes through the cable. It is preferred to use the 12 pin Fischer connector, which also leaves the gold mount free for a battery, allowing hot swap etc.
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