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  1. Looking to replace my stolen gear. G-70x or Pro Arm or equivalent. Ultra 2 or Pro Vest or equivalent. In Los Angeles preferred but willing to pay shipping. Thanks!!
  2. Bump. Surely someone wants to take these off my hands and out of my apartment! :)
  3. Hey all, I have 9 PAG batteries and 2 chargers from my old Master series sled that I no longer need. They most certainly would need to be recelled, a couple might hold a little charger but haven't tested them. Free to whoever wants to pick them up in Hollywood...
  4. I have a Cinetronic Digital Level for the Gen 2 Monitor. CDL v1.0 The monitor crapped out and has been replaced with a Transvideo, so I don't need this anymore. Works perfectly and will included 2 of the 4-Pin Lemos to connect to the monitor. Make me an offer. Located in Los Angeles, willing to ship.
  5. Problem solved. Robert Luna and Hugo from Steadyrig were both able to help me out.
  6. Scott Baker

    3A arm screw?

    The screw that goes into the spring of my 3A arm is sightly damaged (bent/stripped) and doesn't go smoothly into the spring. Anyone have a replacement or know where I can get one?
  7. Sled is sold. Still have the batteries and chargers. And the PAG to Gold mount plate. Make an offer.
  8. I have an old Master Series Cinema sled that took a fall a while ago and has been just sitting in my closet. The only damage appears to be the extended element on the top stage and the old CRT monitor. All of the electronics still appear to be functional and the top stage itself still solid. The gimbal was serviced right before the accident and is still smooth as butter. I also have 9 PAG batteries and 2 chargers. Most likely need to be re-celled. As well as a PAG to AB Mount adapter battery plate. Make me an offer! Located in Los Angeles and prefer a local purchase, but will
  9. I noticed some left-right play in the top stage of my Ultra Cine sled and then discovered the culprit could be a missing pin of some kind about the size of paper clip. It appears there should be three but the front one is gone. Any idea what these are? Where can get some kind of replacement?
  10. Lawrence, Id be eternally grateful if youd do me the favor of sending that. Scott@steadicam.LA Thanks!
  11. Thanks Tammy. Unfortunately not, that just navigates you to the factory reset. Im able to get the monitor up every ten or so tries by holding down Left and Power but it wont boot up reliably.
  12. That link is dead. Anyone have the firmware and instructions?
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