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  1. It is exactly what it looks like, Mag Liner with all the steadicam add ons. Its a good cart, rolls well, everything works, it has miles on it. 700 dollars.
  2. -Pro Gimbal -VZ Gimbal Grip Long/Short Handle asking $6000.00
  3. selling all kinds of extra cables. I'll Part with these at half off whatever they are going for now. All like new. 1. Dtap to Panavision DXL 2. Dtap to 2pin 3. 3pin limo(pro sled) to panavision 4. 3pin lim (pro sled) to 2pin 5. 3pin limo(pro sled) to alexa mini 6. 3pin limo(pro sled) to 4 pin xlr (sony venice)
  4. has anyone hit on that? I have two and just thought nobody would be interested.
  5. the arm is over ten years old. It is in great shape. One owner, worked mostly feature films. Belongs to Jacque Jouffret. I am helping him sell it because he hates dealing with this stuff like this now that he is a DOP. Let me know what else you would like. I can send you more detailed pictures if that helps. There are also two extra black canisters if your are interrested, total of 4 black, 4 blue.
  6. Garfield Mount: 500.00 Misc Docks: 500.00 Very Negotiable
  7. 1 owner, like new. Only ever been used a handful Of times. I think Pro guarantees these for life. 4000.00 US Dollars
  8. Someone starting out may have a use for this old guy Preston 1: Hand Set MDR Focus Rings Cables 1000.00 US Dollars or make me an offer If your starting out and need a preston lets talk, I'm sure we can hook you up.
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