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  1. There are bigger plans to expand this to more than just the RX, though I don't know how far they'll take it. This will go hand in hand with some simplified pairing procedures that we're working on as well. More to come after we get this firmware out of beta...
  2. Hey guys, We built a real-time 5GHz spectrum analyzer into Bolt 3000 receivers. This will be a free firmware update in the near future, but we're looking for some beta testers to give it a shot. We used it extensively at IBC this year and it came in super handy. There is no better way to quickly scan for the best channel to set your Bolt system to. If you're interested in giving it a go, shoot me a private message and ill shoot you over the new firmware. It will be available for the 1000 and 500 just after its officially launched for the 3000.
  3. Hey Brad, It can be fixed, but honestly, you might be better off just moving to the 2nd generation 2000, which will preserve compatibility with Sidekick 1. We might have a couple leftover here. Shoot an email to Kyle@teradek.com -- he will be able to fill you in. As you mentioned, the newer 1000 and 3000 models will not work with Sidekick 1. Sorry about that!
  4. Hey Dan, Shoot an email to support@teradek.com to see what they say. Are there any other wireless systems around? How is the Bolt mounted? If you have a 600, 1000, 2000, or 3000 you can manually select a frequency to operate on, which might be able to avoid any interference in your area.
  5. Hi All, Another update! With firmware version 2.0.4, we have introduced the following for 3rd generation Bolts: * Added support for Canon HDMI time code input, SDI timecode output (time code is not re-embedded into the HDMI signal) * Sony / ARRI / Canon SDI record start/stop flags are now outputting correctly on 3rd generation Bolts You can download the firmware here.
  6. Update on the new firmware for 3rd generation Bolts (500 / 1000 / 3000): we now have flags working for Sony & ARRI cameras, as well as PIX recorders. We'll be posting the update to our servers next week -- ill have a link listed here as soon as it goes live. If you're feeling adventurous, you can download the beta here: http://update.teradek.com/download.php?file=/Teradek/Bolt3/Firmware/2.0.x/2.0.4/Teradek_Bolt_Firmware_v2.0.4H_BETA.bin Remember, this is a BETA so there may be a couple of bugs leftover (maybe not). Use at your own risk.
  7. Hey Patrick, We picked up a PIX recorder and a Sony F5 yesterday so we're on our way to identifying and fixing the issues! Im hoping to get an update out before Christmas, but since everyone here will be going on vacation at varying times it might be pushed to early January. Nevertheless, I will keep you guys posted. Hopefully its an easy fix and we'll be able to push this out soon.
  8. The prices vary depending on where you look. Check out whats for sale on RedUser Forum first.
  9. Hey John, The 1st generation Bolt 2000 cannot do PSF, but does support typical progressive and interlaced resolutions and frame rates (compare to the modern units). While the 1st generation was a great product for its time, we have done a lot of development on the platform, making our newer systems far more robust, feature-rich, and lightweight. $4500 is a good price and if you don't plan to push it to its limits, i'd say it will treat you well. These systems will also work with the 1st generation Sidekick, though the pairing process can take a bit of time since we had to retroactively implement it into this older device. All in all, if you can increase your budget slightly, try to get a 2nd generation Bolt 2000. However, if budget doesn't permit that, I think you'll be generally happy with the 1st gen. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Im working with the engineers on this now. We don't own any of this gear so it takes a little time for us to rent it, test it, and fix the issue. Hang in there. I encourage everyone to please email me when these flags don't work: mike@teradek.com - Its hard to keep track of these things if they're only being tweeted at us or posted in forums. Will keep you all posted on the status as soon as I hear more.
  11. Hey Justin, Can you give me specific information on which camera models and recorders?
  12. The Clip decoder will allow you to pull focus the way you want, at the same latency the Clip streams to an iPad. Bolt has less than a milisecond of delay (unnoticeable) and the image is visually lossless. Granted, its different technology (OFDM, not Wifi) and it is more expensive. If you go down the Clip route, I highly recommend using an access point when doing this (i.e. dont just allow the Clip ENC to connect to the Clip DEC directly). This will ensure a much stronger wireless connection, will give you more range, and overall, a better experience. ANY router will work, just make sure its 5GHz and not 2.4GHz. Oh and make sure you get the Clip Decoder with external antennas - it'll give you better signal reception. I love Clip and I think a lot of people in the industry would fall in love with it too if they just gave it a chance. The image quality is great and the delay is so so small. Its a really great confidence monitoring tool. If you have any more questions, just shoot me an email: mike@teradek.com
  13. Don't use Clip for pulling focus! Repeat: don't use Clip for pulling focus! While the Clip is fantastic for confidence monitoring to an iPad (just 4 frames of latency), its not meant for use with what you plan to do. This is why we have the Teradek Bolt!
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