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  1. If anyone is still interested I did this a few years ago so I can put you in touch with my engineer or can get it done for you. charles.cowper@me.com
  2. I have had occasions where the monitor has lost the input signal. I currently only use the sdi input. When it has happened it has usually been toward the end of a shooting day. I also use it off the rig as a focus pulling monitor and subsequently have to unplug replug quite often in a day so am also wondering if it is a mechanical problem. Thanks.
  3. Hello can someone recommend which is the best firmware for the Smallhd DP7 HB to fix or minimise the signal dropout issue? Many thanks.
  4. Hello can someone recommend which is the best firmware version to use for the smallhd dp7 hb to avoid or minimise the signal dropout issue? Thanks. :)
  5. Omnishot Dual Highspeed Charger hardly used but has one or two light marks from being in my Preston box. $190. Cheers. http://stores.omnishotsystems.com/dual-battery-high-speed-charger/
  6. I have two omnishot battery adapters for sale. One is the XT version and is brand new unused. Less than a year old. One is not XT and has been used maybe twice since purchase. Not much more than a year old. $350 each, the first buyer gets an Omnishot high capacity battery free! Woohoo! I only have one sorry. Cheers.
  7. Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum but can anybody offer any advice on flying with kit to Brazil? An older post mentioned an issue with paying tempory tax whilst in the country. Is this true? Do I need to provide purchase invoices for all my kit? Any info greatly appreciated.
  8. Red Spring Arm. Fully serviced in July 2013 by Brain Busby (Bees). New bearings, cables and screws. Excellent mechanical condition. Cosmetically there are dents in the arm casings and wearing on the edges in line with the arm's age. £2200. I am open to offers & part exchange. cheers.
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