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  1. Thanks, Louis but I don't think Jim sells directly. At least not from his website. I guess that contacting him directly would be the proper route. Thanks Kevin
  2. So, interesting follow-up. Having sent our Heden Carat back to Sweden via USPS it has been lost in customs. Gone. Now for a new follow focus. I want to purchase a Bartech. Any suggestions on the best vendor in the US from whom to make said purchase? thanks Kevin
  3. If anyone cares here's what I got back from Heden. At the moment there is only our workshop in Sweden, but we are looking into licensing service stations in the US in the coming year.
  4. I have a Heden Carat FF unit that needs servicing. It appears from the Heden website that I can only get that done in Sweden. Is that right?!! Is there anyone in the US that services these devices? thanks Kevin
  5. Well, color me red in the face. It appears I am dealing with a potential bad batch of ProCell batts. Thank you Magnus for your attention. I'll look into the rechargeables you recommended. humbly, Kevin
  6. Hi Magnus, My concern is not with runtime. That is fine. It is with constant power draw even with the handset completely turned off. Can you address that? thanks Kevin
  7. I have a brand new Heden Carat FF and really enjoy using it. My only gripe is that when powered down it still draws enough juice to totally drain the internal 9v battery in the handset. This means that I have to constantly remove and replace the battery which involves putting strain on those small connecting wires. Anyone else have this happening? thanks Kevin
  8. Jason, Your steadiforum.com is a great resource. Thank you and keep up the good work. Kevin
  9. Sebastian, I shoot quite frequently with an Arri 16BL. It's a workhorse. I hope you're not shooting sound as it's a noisy beast. But I have never used it on my steadicam as it does not have a video tap. Here's a link to visual products and the 16bl they are selling with a video tap. http://www.visualproducts.com/storeProduct...&Cat=17&Cat2=31 Perhaps you can call them and get some tips. They're nice guys and I do not in any way represent the company but I have had them service a camera for me once several years ago. I do know that you will have to frequently adjust your fore/aft balance as the film runs through the magazine. cheers Kevin
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