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  1. Sounds like an issue with dynamic balance, which can be insanely difficult to fix. This video is probably going to be the most helpful explanation you'll see online.
  2. If you need any help setting up, just let me know. Really enjoyed last year!
  3. It looks like someone built a system without thinking it through first. I'd have to try it but I can't imagine this thing works well.
  4. I looked them up on Google and their site appears to have been hacked/ transformed into spam. Know of any way to get in touch with them?
  5. Hello, I wanted to talk to the community here because I am looking into renting rigs that can handle more weight and operate smoother as I transition into getting a big rig of my own. I am a Los Angeles based Steadicam op with a flyer LE package, which is becoming too small a weight load and too flimsy for me. I trained on an Ultra 1 rig and I miss the heavier system like crazy. I understand that to accommodate a bigger arm and sled I would need to purchase a vest with the standard size sockets. Is there anyone familiar with anyone who rents rigs? Thanks for reading, cheers. Kiel
  6. Oh I agree with you in every way, this is a temporary solution until I can afford a new arm. I just think it would be easier on the system if I was to use bands until my next arm purchase.
  7. Hello all, so I'm a flyer LE owner/ operator with an issue. I'm often on set with rigs that are over my weight limit, and I've heard about operators using elastic bands on the outside of their arms to compensate. Does anyone have experience doing this, or know what sort of material to buy to accomplish this? Hope this will help other operators as well.
  8. Hard to tell exactly how legit this device is, but after having read everything it seems like it could be a good buy. I'm a newbie so my opinion isn't exactly valid, any pros with opinions on this one? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smilink/smilink
  9. I am a flyer LE owner, and when I first started I had this issue, most likely because I was not properly following all of the proper balancing procedures. I rarely have this issue anymore, so maybe if I tell you how I balance it could help. I start with a general balance up top, then I turn her horizontal and position the gimble/ lengthen the system till I get the drop time to the good ol' 3 seconds. After that I fine tune the rest of the positioning of the camera, monitor, etc. Hope that helps in some way!
  10. I was thinking of doing the same thing for my rig, put a prop on it and do the whole aliens thing should I ever get to go to comic con. Already got the steadicam so the rest should be easy enough. Also (assuming you are still reading these comments) you should keep in mind this is no easy device to wear around all day. If you try and wear it all day without training your body to get used to it, even if it's just a prop, you will most likely hurt your back. I've read the actors in that movie could only wear those things 10 minutes at a time, most likely because they just assumed they could handle it.
  11. Yeah I'd be scared, not sure that dude is big enough to stop a tiger from doing whatever he wants.
  12. I asked, and I learned. It was a good lesson to learn about this line of work, thank you all for the info.
  13. It's not inherintley wrong for someone to do this, but stuff like this does hurt us newer folks a lot. The people that are learning now and will be producing later will not understand or respect our rates as easily. I can almost guarantee the newbie DPs that "include" steadicam in their package will indirectly lose me money someday, and in all likelihood already have.
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