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  1. Yan hello. I don't have a when exactly. If you want, tell me what you might have, maybe some pictures if it's possible and a price to see if we can work something out. I already own an Artemis 1.5 i bought to Curt some years ago. Just want to make that small step up but keeping mine also. I can send you my email if you want. Thank you very much.
  2. Looking for Artemis Cine Boradcast 1.8in Gold Mount Carbon Spring Arm 23 or 26kg Artemis Vest Transvideo 6''
  3. So, we recieved the Downconverter today morning and did the tests... It worked with another 8' monitor but no lucky with the transvideo by the 8 pin Lemo, so it seems that we'll have to ship the monitor to Transvideo to get fix. I have a video but i can't figure it out how to upload it here. Thanks anyway for your help.
  4. Jens thanks for your opinion! An AJA Downconverter is on the way to see if its only the HD input or it's a bigger problem. We spoke to transvideo and they told us the same. Hope that works so we can shoot this coming weeks and on the way try to fix the HD input. I will let you know when i had the AJA with me. Thanks to all. Honestly we appreciate your help.
  5. I solve the "LOCK" problem but still with no image... I have a RED EPIC and a RED SCARLET, did it with both, change the HD SDI output to 30Hz, 60Hz, Auto, tryed with a 9'HD monitor (had image)... I don't know what else to do... it worked perfectly until yesterday NO SYNC all the time.
  6. After the full Factory reset LOCK is there for every option... Any idea? Thanks
  7. Thanks to all! It really helps me to figure it out whats happening, i'm going crazy i'm in the middle of a tv serie... Is the screen turning on? YES It may be black, but does it look like there is any backlight running? YES Have you tried changing the input by clicking the input button? YES Are you giving it a digital or analog signal? DIGITAL Did you make any adjustments at all within the menu? Are you absolutely sure you are getting a signal from the camera?YES Is your lens cap removed? YES Go to Memory and click Preset. This should send you back to factory default i believe. DONE, NOTHING HAPPENED Press and hold "adjust" button while turning the monitor on for a full factory reset. NOW SAYS LOCK WHEN I PUT THE SDI INPUT...????? Hello Mauricio, I believe you've already send us an email. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +33 2 3232 2761 (ask Francois). WE DID BUT STILL STUCKED. While it's On, flip the power switch off and on, sometimes when you switch the camera battery the monitor stops getting a signal and needs to be cycled off and on to start receiving the signal again. Try it. DONE, NOTHING HAPPENED...
  8. Hello there, this is my first topic so if i'm doing something wrong please let me know... I have a Cinemonitor HD6 Clasic and it was working perfectly until now that stays black... Power works, cables works, monitor works but gives me no image... Has anyone got any idea of what can be happening or what can i do? Thanks a lot
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