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  1. Hey Everyone! Working on a show in New Mexico next month and the director requested a hypercam. Curious if there are any owner’s out there that would rent one or something similar to me? Thanks! Joe
  2. Grazie Gus! Ill reach out to him. Much appreciated. Joe
  3. In Rome this week and left my Garfield mount back in the states. Curious if anyone in town has one I could rent 5/30-6/1? Thanks! Joe
  4. Thanks Benjamin I'll give them a shout. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi All, I have a job in Nuremberg next week and am trying to track down a rickshaw that we can rent. Curious if anyone has an idea of where I might be able to rent one? Thanks! Joe
  6. Hey Y'all, Got a gig coming up in Miami and looking for a solid focus puller. Any recommendations? Thanks! Joe
  7. Just got my new PRO CineLive package and want to thank everyone at PRO for such an amazing experience but also everyone here for knowing how big of a deal it is to believe in the people you are buying from and singing your praises for an excellent establishment. Of course, everything about the rig is stellar, but this thread is what tipped the scales in PRO's favor. Couldn't be happier.
  8. Also some good stuff in the Wolf of Wall Street behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcSUDtETffg
  9. In addition to good footwork, I've been working a lot on my balance. I've been doing a lot of moving yoga poses to develop a constant state of balance and it's been huge for my operating. I believe you need to understand your body and what proper balance feels like without the rig on in order to achieve constant balance when your center of gravity is pushed out in front of your body. Yoga has also done wonders for my back maintenance. I tend to do some exercises when I get up on a shoot day and when I get home (and sometimes hide on set during lunch and knock out a few stretches). Thought you guys could use something a little more "woo woo" for a change. I'll leave the spirituality out of it for now...
  10. Thanks for sharing, Gary. And beautiful work Phillip. Curious about the lighting for this. Looks like some fixtures were hidden in corners here and there, but wondering if you guys had a handheld light panel or hobo light to bring up the ambient light hitting Seth?
  11. Thanks Matthias! Emailed you directly for more details.
  12. Hey Guys, Does anyone know if this yoke will work with PRO's telescoping monitor mount? Putting together my CineLive package and wondering how I can get my 7" marshall on there. Joe
  13. Hey Fellas, Couldn't thank you enough for the wealth of knowledge you share here. Been operating for a little over a year now and don't know how I could be where I am without such a supportive and informative community. I started out with the zephyr knowing that I would upgrade eventually and wanted to save the money to buy all of the other bits that would transfer over to a bigger rig (matte box, BFD, etc.). I'm mostly shooting C300 and RED at the moment, but the Alexa has come up and it's got my gears going about an upgrade. I know it's not recommended to upgrade the individual parts incrementally to increases performance (such as upgrading just the arm to get more weight capacity) because everything is made to work together. I'm thinking of doing just that, upgrading to the G50x only, but not for immediate weight bearing improvements, more as a strategic investment. Now that I've got the zephyr paid off I would love to buy each piece and pay them off individually rather than sitting underneath a $30K investment all at once. This way I could wait and see how things shake out in the next 6 months or so and decide which sled to go with. What do you think? Foolish approach? Joe
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