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  1. Bump, full gimbal and handle accessory still available.
  2. Hi Sergey, I’m not in Europe but I am selling my pro vest: Let me know if you’re interested.
  3. Update: FlowCine XDrop is SOLD. Still accepting offers for the vest
  4. Selling my pro vest along with the flowcine xdrop (performs the same function as an iBaird, only you don’t have to switch over the socket block receiver from your pro vest). The vest has treated me well over the 5+ years that I’ve had it. There is some cosmetic wear and tear. I’m 6’0’ with a long torso, Chest is about 38” and waist is 34” based on the Pro sizing chart. The xdrop is in perfect like-new condition. I only used it once or twice if that. It works great, but I bought it thinking that I would switch back and forth between my pro vest and Klassen back-mounted harness and wanted the extra reach for my pro. Had an iBaird before but didn’t like the time it took to take it off without purchasing an additional socket block receiver. Asking $4600 OBO for the vest $475 OBO for the xdrop. $5000 OBO for both. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks, Joe
  5. Hi Jens, did you find one? I’m looking to sell mine soon...just waiting on my DB IIIs.
  6. Hi Rory, I’m selling my pro gimbal if you’re interested:
  7. Hi Marco, assuming that you found a gimbal by now but just in case you didn’t...I’m selling my pro gimbal: Joe
  8. Hi Quinn, You still looking for a pro vest? I’m looking to sell mine soon. Joe
  9. Hi All, Selling my Pro Gimbal, gimbal grip w/clamp, and extended handle. It’s in great condition with minor cosmetic wear and tear. Bought it in 2014, mostly used on commercials and corporate work. Asking $5500, buyer pays shipping from Oakland, CA. Please contact me in you are interested. Thanks, Joe
  10. Hey Everyone! Working on a show in New Mexico next month and the director requested a hypercam. Curious if there are any owner’s out there that would rent one or something similar to me? Thanks! Joe
  11. Grazie Gus! Ill reach out to him. Much appreciated. Joe
  12. In Rome this week and left my Garfield mount back in the states. Curious if anyone in town has one I could rent 5/30-6/1? Thanks! Joe
  13. Thanks Benjamin I'll give them a shout. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hi All, I have a job in Nuremberg next week and am trying to track down a rickshaw that we can rent. Curious if anyone has an idea of where I might be able to rent one? Thanks! Joe
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