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  1. Hi Pascal, I think B&H is selling the Transvideo 6" Evo for $3,175 new.

  2. Pascal Combes-Knoke


  3. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    36" Innovativ Ranger cart

    Ranger with Steadicam AKS system included. Cost about 4K new. Selling for 3K. Located in Los Angeles
  4. 6" CinemonitorHD Evolution3 XtraBright Enhanced monitor (2000Nits) (with new A/R coating) and Virtual Horizon2. Including Ptap power cable with monitor. Works perfectly, just selling because I am DPing full time. $4000
  5. Pascal Combes-Knoke


    Wave performs as if new as it was just serviced by Christian Betz. Selling because I am DPing full time. It's only been used a couple dozen times. 1 x Betz Wave 1 1 x d-tape power cable 1 x Betz dovetail and screws 1 x pelican case $5500 USD
  6. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Atlas arm for sale!!

    Arm performs as if new. Selling because I am DPing full time. Selling with Gray canisters (32lbs to 45lbs) Includes pro arm bag, spare parts, tools and 5/32 t-wrench! $9K
  7. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Used Bartech Analog with M-One Motor

    Hi I'll buy the hand unit, rings and cables if you're willing to separate...
  8. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    WTB: BFD Handset

    Just need to replace my stolen handset (I still have my MDR and motor)
  9. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Anton Bauer TM-4 charger, used

    Just PMed you
  10. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Bartech BFD with Heden M28VP

    Hi I'll purchase your motor separately if avail...
  11. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Bartech Remote Focus Kit

    Hi Joe, Would you be interested in selling me the motor, only? Thanks, Pascal
  12. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Analog Heden M28VP for sale

    Hi Jens, I will purchase the motor from you if still for sale! Thanks, Pascal 805.405.5055 pcombesk@gmail.com
  13. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    Need to repair / replace my M-One

    Hi, does anyone know where I can send my M-One for repair? Or know of another M-One or Heden Analogue M28vp Motor for sale? Thanks in advance, Pascal
  14. Pascal Combes-Knoke

    PRO vest for sale

    SOLD!! Cheers to ye fellow ops. I puchased an Exo-vest to help me recover from a back injury!