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  1. Selling my BON monitor. Paid $2,300 for it new. It has two HD-SDI inputs and one HDMI input. It also has one HD-SDI output and one HDMI output. The monitor has false color, waveform, focus check. It has some minor scratches on the screen that is you can't see when it's turned on. It does not have flip function. You can power it either from v-lock plate or power cable D-tap. Asking $850/€815. Buyer pays for shipping. LE
  2. I agree with Chris. Various jobs require various equipment. There’s litterally loads of stuff you can get for your arsenal of equipment. If you are serious about steadicam and want to make it in the long run, I would save money and get your first rig when you can afford it. Doesn’t have to be new. Buying stuff because you think you need it, can get costly. I made this mistake myself several times.
  3. https://www.fxguide.com/quicktakes/best-perfume-spot-ever/ here's a link where you can read a little about the video. DP was Hoyte van Hoytema. On one of the photos you can see the technocrane.
  4. Here in Europe I would imagine it's the same. At least in my country Norway. Can't even remember the last gig where the production company didn't have a wireless focus system. Usually here it's the ARRI WFU-3. Don't see Preston that often here anymore. Perhaps because that almost everything is shot on ARRI Alexa/Amira system. I think a lot of it might be because the focus puller sits a lot more at the video village maybe. What really sucks it that production companies also rent a wireless video from the camera rental, meaning getting money on my wireless system is more difficult...
  5. Brant, I visited the home page for the new Boland monitor. It didn't say anything about having a flip function. But I assume it has one..?
  6. I'm still so surprised that no one, or at least very few in the industry is talking about how little the people who manufacture these items seem to consider the ergonomics of the tools they want us to use. Be that it's a Helix or a square camera like the C300 or RED or whatever. I've tried various brushless gimbals and even though I see there a market for them, I think it's not an optimal tool. I'm not impressed by it nor will I consider buying one. Simply because I think the ergonomics of the units are totally screwed. If we aren't careful we'll end up with cameras and tools like the one from this post WW2 photo.
  7. VAT is only paid when buyer and seller is located in the same country. When I buy and import equipment from Sweden, UK or the US, VAT is not charged. BUT I have to pay VAT when the equipment reaches Norwegian customs. I don't know if the US has other rules here.
  8. Chris, I had this problem as you can see in the link. The issue with my problem was the big screw that is inside the red circle. It unscrewed itself as the dovetail was locked/unlocked. I used LocTite. Not the one that is permanent. They have a type that can be "unlocked". After this, I haven't had this problem anymore. Many, many days of shooting after that.
  9. Hi Bo, lots of questions there. welcome to the forum. Your question is probably one of the most commonly asked here. Search the forum, and you'll find tons of info. Chinese knock offs are usually a piece of shit. Stay away. If you want to use heavier set-ups, you'll probably outgrow the Pilot and Scout quickly. I don't know your budget, but I'm guessing up to $6K area, since you're looking into the Scout? Perhaps save up a bit more and go for a Zephyr? It will probably last you longer. They are usually some on the Marketplace here. GPI don't have rigs in the 6K range. But they have a great product. Sachtler rigs are also good.
  10. Adriaan, when you have time, can you post a photo of the cage?
  11. Hi Adriaan, interesting. I assume the cage increases the distance between the camera body and the top stage? I have thought of this myself sometimes. I used to have a super-post (5 years), but never used it. So I got rid of it. But have had some request lately. Typical. Anyway, my question. Won't the increase of the camera body from the top stage put a lot of extra stress on the top stage?
  12. Thomas, he said it's because he switched to GoldMount.
  13. Thanks for the link Adam. I ended up ordering the kids' tags. Super happy. Yo Chris! What's up? The company I used was a Norwegian one. But the company I'm linking to is a similar one, just an international one. http://www.easy2name.com/product.htm?product=fab-and-funky-mini I figured that the group of people who wears and tears most on their labels in the world is most likely kids. They play rough, throw their clothes and toys around and in general gives anything they touch a good beating. So kids name tags should do the job. The ones I got sticks to anything. They can withstand rain, heat, whatever. You can even put the cables in a dishwasher or a washing machine, and it will stick. I don't advice cleaning your cables like that though... :(
  14. Hi Victor, thanks for the info. I have a Dymo, but the glue doesn't stick to everything. So I thought of my 7-year old. She has these name tags that endures cold and heat, rain and washing machines. Those suckers can take a beating. They stick to anything and is quite cheap too. Intended for children, but I filled in my own text, and voilà. I paid $21 for 125 stickers.
  15. I'm doing a check-up on my cables. I realized that I haven't been very good at marking my cables. Everything else is marked. How do you mark your cables? The challenge here is that there is little hard surface to attach anything to. Anybody have a good company that they've ordered custom labels from?
  16. Hi James, I've never used this system. So I can't say if it's a good system or not. But in all likelyhood it will be a big disapointment to you. It will probably be a really big pain in the arse to you. You don't state your market, but you say you want to use Red and F55. So I'm guessing music videos and short movies? A cheap knock off system like this might be a cheap way to get a F55 on the rig. (I doubt it will balance very good though) But if you're serious about steadicam it will be a huge risk in the long run getting a system like this. Why? Because it's components might be so poorly manufactured that operating it might be more difficult than trying to command a horse not to shit were it pleases. You're reputation might get a huge dent. Again, if you're serious about steadicam, I'd strongly advice you to take a workshop. You'll get handson experience with professional rigs. There will be industry professionals there to guide you. Some workshop are expensive, but there are for example 2 day workshops that will cost less than €1k.
  17. 90% of my jobs comes with an Arri FF. Sometimes a Cmotion, Preston rarely.
  18. As always, the brushless gimbals does not eliminate the steps of the operator. This is clearly visible in the BTS at the Arri site. Many of the shots I'm called in to do, are walk and talk, as I suspect many of us are. Keeping eye height is also a challenge with brushless gimbals. The epic weighs less than the Mini, but will easily end up at 10kg in real world features and commercials. Of course Arri will try and sell the camera as a versatile camera that can be used on stick or gimbals or whatever. That's just good business policy. I think the brushless gimbals are here to stay, but I think we are too. The brusless gimbals will prove to be great for certain type of shots and so forth. Instead of fearing the unit, I'd advice you to learn to use it.
  19. What was the price for the U2 again? Think it was in the same ballpark. Notice that U2 is removed from their website, meaning that they are no longer making them? No super post option for the M1?
  20. Hi Dennis, welcome to the forum. First, what all gents above state is correct. Long hours, little control over your own hours, traveling etc. Gear; don't know the market you're targeting. If you're goal is still to do wedding videos, a Zephyr would be more than enough to meet your needs. They cost around $10k new, but they are often listed here as used, and can be acquired for considerably less. If you´re aim is live tv or features, expect to use at least $20k or more. Making a living as an operator is tough, it requires years of practice before the jobs come in steady. I would strongly advice you to take a workshop if you're serious about your steadicam dreams. Likewise, I would strongly advice against buying anything expensive before taking a workshop. Even though it is very difficult becoming an established operator, never let anyone say it's impossible, if its what you want to do. Anything is possible. Good luck!
  21. Have you tried to contact Curt at Sachtler? Really nice and friendly guy. He might be able to help you out. http://www.artemis-hd.de/index.php?id=13
  22. For you who haven't seen it, Keoma is a fantastic movie. http://www.fdtimes.com/2015/02/02/enzo-castellari-at-usc/ "JON FAUER Tell us about the script. ENZO CASTELLARI There really was no script. We are just invented as we went along." Fantastic!
  23. Wow, Chris. First, I have done no business with your company in the past, so I am truly neutral in this stand. But you are a supplier of merchandise to the media industry. I must say that I am surprised of your tone towards your customers. I would think that you need them more than they need you. Am I wrong? When your customers have real world issues, my advice is to speak to them and ask what their problems and concerns are. When you accuse our community of not being supportive, I need to counter that. Sure, this forum isn't ideal. But what social media is? Facebook? Twitter? Cinematography.com? The use of social media and internet is still very new compared to traditional communication. Many scientific reports have come to the same conclusion. People are still learning how to communicate better through the internet. Sometimes people write the wrong things or end up being misunderstood. I myself have written some things that I should have checked once more before pressing post. But the tons of great support and writing outnumbers the negativity a hundred fold. Several times I have been stuck somewhere at the most ridicolous hour, and a problem has occurred. This forum has been wonderful in getting the right support and advice. So yes, I do claim that this community is supportive. PS! Your example of using under cutters is a really bad example. Say someone delivers the exact same product you do, and undercuts you by 40%. How are you going to make that into a sustainable career? I'd like a elaborate explanation how you will deal with that problem...
  24. Noticed this story about the movie "Tangerine", which was shot in iPhone 5s and on a steadicam. Anybody know who operated on it? Anyone seen the movie? How does the footage hold up? http://www.theverge.com/2015/1/28/7925023/sundance-film-festival-2015-tangerine-iphone-5s
  25. First, operating in low mode is more of a challenge than in regurlar mode. At least I think so. That said, as an operator, you're expected to be able to hold the frame, regardless of your operating position. As Victor and Chris says, buy the freakin' bracket. It will make life easier. There are certain tools you're expected to have in your kit. Low mode bracket is one of them. Is saving $200 on a bracket worth it if it may cause you to loose jobs due to poor operating?
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