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  1. Hi Marco, I apologize for my slow reply as I was instructing in NY this week and am just back today. I forwarded your info directly over to Robin Thwaites in the UK. Are you looking for service? Parts? To purchase a rig? I can get you to the right person/division quickly. Email me at rreyes@tiffen.com. In the future, you can call the UK office at 011448701001220, the NY office at 631-273-2500, or the Burbank location at 818-567-7910. Those are the phone lines direct to customer service where a human will answer and route your call. They can also get in touch with me directly if there is an emergency on set. If you need parts or service directly from the Steadicam factory, call Joe Wilbur at 818-567-7901 or Elizabeth Prats at 818-567-7918. My office line is 818-567-7979, but I travel frequently so email is the best option to get me quickly. Best, RR
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Gregory! Could definitely try this to alleviate some of the tension. Spoke with Chris this morning and we're going to take a look at the stage. That's the beauty of the M1 being modular now. I can send him just a top stage so he can continue to work while we assess the problem on his top stage. If you guys ever have questions about your Steadicam gear, please do not hesitate to contact me at rreyes@tiffen.com. Best, RR
  3. STEADICAM GOLD WESTERN WORKSHOP APRIL 19TH - 25TH, 2015 TO BE HELD AT THE QUEEN MARY IN LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA Registration is open for the Steadicam Gold Workshop to be held at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California from April 19th through the 25th. Class size is very limited so register today to secure your spot. Lead instruction by Jerry Holway with participation from Garrett Brown and Chris Fawcett. Registration URL: http://www.tiffen.com//steadicamworkshops/scheduleGoldSteadicamWorkshop.shtml www.steadicamworkshops.com www.tiffen.com/steadicam
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