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  1. Hey Josh i had their first version , back in 2016, without the support ring in the front. it had vibration issues . But as i know they have improved it now with that front ring.( i did not try it since i moved to MK-V Omega AR) You can also check Movcam as they are making something similar to this. with price range around 4k$. https://www.facebook.com/100002948559387/videos/4507221836050348/
  2. I am selling WK flex vest for a friend which is worn only 3-4 times before he got into a car accident and injured his back. The vest is in mint condition. size is 36 height 173cm weight 90kg Asking price: 5800usd + shipping located in Beirut-Lebanon for any further info please contact me on krikor.yalmanian@gmail.com
  3. hello Greg . last week i was at Gpi Pro's company at Oregon and i took my atlas arm and got the Titan. I spent almost 3 full days at the factory with Jack and the guyz. What they do out there is increeedible. they really built bullet proof gear.. i saw how my arm got built from the first screw till the last i saw how sleds and vests they built from A to Z .Everything they got there is very easy to rip apart and get everything back together easily even with zero experience.The most important thing i saw how jack spent alot of time answering calls from operators and spending hours answering to their questions which is something really really important.. What i can say and what i have been through changing 2 arms before, Pro Titan is the last arm i invest in and i say to myself i should have invested in this arm loong time ago because it is reall bullet proof and works like no other arm. i have tried almost every high end arms out there.Once you get Gpi Pro arm that will be the last arm you ever buy. Good luck in your investment
  4. ohh yea Its awesome to see how jack and the guyz here built bullet proof stuff.. and do greaaat service with the customers. i spen 3 full days at Gpi Pro here it was awesome experience seeing how sleds get built from A to Z and how vests built and how the Arms built all from zero .. its amazing ,Pro does incredible job here.
  5. getting my arn with 2 blue and 2 blacks . i think it will be ok with this combo.
  6. thanks alot Denny , looking forward to hear more from you when you are able to test it.
  7. Hello people, anyone got hands on the new Atomos shogun flame 1500 nits ? pros-cons?Thanks
  8. Hi Vahe, I own a Exovest and tried it as backmounted. but for me it was the same as front mount , did not feel any change.
  9. Hi michael, A friend/operator of mine is selling his rarely used steadicam zephyr i think very near to the new scout price. you will be much safer if you buy a clean second hand zephyr. https://www.facebook.com/christopher.?fref=ts
  10. im not a current Titan owner,i have the smaller brother Atlas with 2 greys. but what i think if you get 2 black with 2 blues you can fly the light weights with only 2 black cans that will do up to 15.5kg . and when you are flying heavy cams you can go with 2 black 2 blue that will start lifting from 17.7kg till 28.6kg you only have to think about those 2kg's that you are loosing between the 2 blacks alone and the combo.from 15.5 till 17.7 if you want to fly somthing in between you cant.getting 4 blues will do from 13kg up to 25kg you loose those 3.5kg that the combo does on the high end,. but again you are safe to do almost anything.from very light to heavy built alexa's but maybe the alexa studio with master primes and accessoires will max the 4 blues,not sure. if you do 3d you need 4 blacks.
  11. i have used movcam d204 series. the only good thing is its sled which after modifying a little i still use it till this day. the arm and the vest were crap for me.. i got the Exovest and Pro Arm. but i know some operators that like movcam..
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