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  1. For Sale!! Three used IDX Camwave systems w/ Transmitter and Receiver intrinsically Anton Bauer Gold Mount. All units in perfect operational condition. Price: $3,500 per unit. Used Bartech Remote Focus Systems: Tranmitter, Analog Receiver, M1-Motor w/ Motor Cable. Several Units Available!! Price: $3,500 per package 3x Brand New Arri WBU-2 Batteries! These are possibly the final 3 batteries made by Arri for the older WLCS Unit as they were made by special request earlier last year. Price: $550/battery For inquiry please contact: Paul Hawxhurst HandHeld Films Inc. - Camera Department Manager Office: 212-502-0900 x218 Fax: 212-502-0906 paul@handheldfilms.com
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