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  1. For sale: 2x Anton Bauer Dual Power Charger 2722 1x Anton Bauer Quad Power Charger 2707 1x Anton Bauer XM-2004 extension module 12x Anton Bauer Proformer batteries, still in shape, but will need a recell at one point All items used, looked after, and working well. Asking 1.000,- Euros + shipping.
  2. Taking offers for my GPI Pro 2 Monitor in great condition. Comes with XCS Digital Level.
  3. Up for sale is a Modulus 3000 & Transvideo Hermes. Package is located in EU. Asking 750,- Euro 1 Modulus 3000 Transmitter (Sr# 6055) 1 Modulus Antenna 1 Modulus > GPI-PRO Cable Vid/Pwr 3 var. Modulus Pwr Cable 2 BNC Damper f. Modulus 1 Tansvideo Hermes Receiver (Sr# 1ES0411) 1 Transvideo Hermes Antenna
  4. Up for sale is an EasyRig 1 including 2 extra springs. To be used with any type of camera. Unit is located in EU. Asking 1.500,- Euro
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