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  1. Hi there, If you change your mind about buying only from the UK I have one in Norway just across the water. HMU if interested.
  2. Hi all, I’m looking for a new home for my upgraded Zephyr HD kit with LX vest. Excellent condition, only used for three smaller projects straight after I got it. I am selling it because I have had it the last three years without having the time to use it as my career kicked off in another direction. The kit includes the following: Zephyr Sled - 2 stage, V-mount battery plate (with monitor-mount and grip upgraded) Steadicam LX Vest (with zephyr socket block and carry bag) Aero 30/Zephyr Arm (with pouch) Marshall 7” HD Monitor (with power cable) Zephyr Docking Bracket (ready with «remove before flight» tag) Zephyr Rolling Case Zephyr Counter Weights Weight / practice cage (with manfrotto quick release) Zephyr original manual Zephyr lowmode bracket American stand + pouches, tools, cables, one converter etc. As the batteries have also been lying around for three years I am not selling them as I suppose they are pretty much useless after all this time. The monitor has suffered a tiny scratch on the left side of the screen. Should not affect the use. Located in Norway, Europe. Buyer pays shipping. Possibilities for delivery within northern europe as I tend to travel within work. Asking price: € 12.000 - $ 13.000 /bids More pictures found here; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ag0umpxHXgiR89Sqh0ZfvdhRfEjBhqPL
  3. Yeah, that was the first thing I checked. And as far as I can tell it's the very same arm, with the same range, just with another name that goes with the new line.
  4. Just received my Zephyr which I think was one of the last batches, and it came with what I suppose is an Zephyr-arm as John said, but labeled as an A-30 arm, so I can at least confirm that.
  5. Hey David! That would be great. I can see that there is some kind of 3d-printed stuff on your rig as well, would you mind explaining that a bit further? Is it complete with all of the counterweights and everything? Feel free to answer in a PM if you'd prefer that. Shipping would be to Oslo, Norway btw. Cheers!
  6. Looking for a complete Zephyr-package, preferably errably with batteries and a stand. Europe would be great! Thanks
  7. Absolutely, could you send me some pics and info in here? (PM) I will, thanks Rupert!
  8. Hi guys! I know there are almost none of these out there, but if you happen to have a used, full Archer 2 rig for sale, make sure to contact me. Either in here or on e-mail: pk@eventteknikk.no Best regards, P.K
  9. Thanks Jarrett! I'll contact him right away. -P.K
  10. Hey guys! I've got an EFP gimbal as well that isn't feeling so good. Does Robert Luna have an E-mail address? That would bit a bit simpler for me as I live in Europe.. :) Or maybe somebody else if anyone knows of anybody in Europe who does this? I've been in touch with MK-V but I though the price was a bit steep for my taste. Thanks in advance! -P.K
  11. Hey guys and welcome! I'm not really one of the big guys in here and you will most certainly get some feedback from them in a short while, but I can provide you with the basic-tips! First of all, be sure to have enough weight on top of your sled. Your Canon-camera isn't really a very heavy camera, so you might want to consider buying a weight cage. I haven't got one from her myself, but everyone recommends Janice Arthurs cages. This will add weight to your rig and make things a bit easier, I suppose. Secondly you should invest in the "Steadicam Operators Handbook" and possibly the "EFP Training DVD", they are a must have if you ask me and especially the book contains loads of useful material. The balancing is pretty much the same thing regardless of which camera you use as long as you have your weight sorted out. Sorry if this didn't help but that was the very basic stuff that everyone of us newbies should have/know. And if you lurk around the forum, search, and maybe join the facebook-group you will also find numerous threads that can help you! Last but not least, you will probably be adviced to change to your real name in here, CompassionateVeg :) Fly safe and best of luck! -P.K
  12. Stefan Eriksson(Sweden) and Karsten Jacobsen(Denmark) were the two OP's on Eurovision this year! Considering the rehearsal-video I believe this was Karstens work! And most of you have seen his astonishing work with the segway-shot from earlier so no bomb that this is just as rock-solid!
  13. Will do, Janice! Thanks for the help so far! And have a nice train-ride :) I'll come back when I hit a bump. -P.K
  14. Thanks for the inputs both of you! I got the PM's from Jens and I'll check it out. But as you say Janice, a cheap way is absolutely what I'm looking for. Of course, I've been incredibly lucky to get to use this rig now for free and possibly buy it later, but I still don't really want any big investments done in it yet. And already from the little you guys've said by now I have learned a few things. Originally I though the 24V conversion was a must for TV-cameras, but guess I don't necessarily need it now. And about the "kip handle"? I'll have to message you about that, if it's okay, Janice! Also about a monitor that doesn't cost a fortune but does the job. And even an bracket or whatever to mount the monitor. I seem to find a lot of info on the pro-rigs and other "new" ones, but I find it tricky to find anything about the EFP, and therefore this thread. So any presumptions doesn't really exist about the upgrade-part. And for now, I see this as a training-year as I don't really feel like I should charge for my work yet because of the lack of experience and rock-solid operating. I have some clips to show if it's interesting but I guess not, so I'll just keep up the practicing. Thanks again guys! -P.K
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