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  1. Selling 2 canisters http://gpiprosystems.com/GPI-Pro-Price-Sheet.pdf I have 4 and I'll never use more than 2 at a time, considering selling all 4 though since I don't really steadicam anymore. It looks like they want 3300 PER canister new, so I was going to offer a buy one get one free, so $3300 for -2 or $6600 for -4 OBO - Like new condition, used less times than I have fingers to count. Message me on FB Dustin allan heindl or email dustinheindl@gmail.com Located in LA / Hollywood
  2. I have the Cinemonitor hd and I don't even own a hood the thing is so bright (at "user 100%") setting. It's got an amazing level and I upgraded to inertia compensation horizon, which isn't really needed. There is even a 6" version that they came out with that comes with a brighter screen and the upgraded horizon stock... Couldn't imagine even brighter. However, I used the Transvideo Rainbow when I had to send mine in and I couldn't see anything ... LIKE ANYTHING it was terrible. Had some cool features, but you could really only use it as a AC monitor with a nice hood.
  3. http://www.reduser.net/forum/attachm...1&d=1430605868 http://www.reduser.net/forum/attachm...1&d=1430605857 email me dustinheindl@gmail.com
  4. WTS Arri UMC-3a email me dustinheindl@gmail.com make offer please
  5. Meant to put this in the selling section, not buying.
  6. I have the new MK-v sled Does this attach in between my current plate so it has the same quick release? Can you email me dustinheindl@gmail.com
  7. Compatible with the digital follow focus systems email dustinheindl at gmail
  8. It's the smaller 3 pin, the one for clipper, archer, zephyr, etc. Not the one for the Ultra Also selling 21" monitor with portabrace case that acts as a hood too. 1500
  9. I think they're about 300$? I have one I don't need anymore, only used a couple times. email dustinheindl@gmail.com
  10. Love the case, may I ask where you got it? (the top fold down thing with pouches)
  11. ^ This guy is the brains of the operation :P I'm just the tester, and the guy who demands things work a certian way regardless of physics and electronics laws... jk I try to be fair ! seriously though, he made the unit :P
  12. beware, brett might show up with a super cute dog when he picks it up! =)
  13. It's the same as all digital motors, haden, preston etc. All the newer ones on the market
  14. You can use it on any sled. The thing you have to mcguiver a little is how the monitor mounts, because you have to use their mounting bracket so your monitor will always stay correctly oriented when spinning the rig around. If you have any questions let me know, I don't check this forum too often. Dustinheindl@gmail.com
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