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  1. For sale MKV AR-2 with latest upgrades with Ruben’s app control that manually control the spins and programmed moves. Ended up using less than I imagined and only seen action on set literally a handful of times. This set of AR-2 was built for the M1 sled with power cables built for the iso port. The motor bracket is also made to fit the m1 monitor bracket to quickly switch from AR to Steadicam mode. Cable can be made for the PRO sled/ MKV sled, just contact MKV directly to have them made. Set includes: 1 x MKV AR-2 1 x sliding dovetail with adjustment left/ right 2 x 24V power cable 1 x 12v iso cable 1 x 12v iso cable to motorised bracket 1 x motorised bracket (to fit M1 monitor bracket) 1 x remote 1 x pelican case Looking for 18,500 USD for the set Shipping from Hong Kong to worldwide. Buyer pays for shipping. Email me at nathan.w@thinfilmhk.com
  2. Nathan Wong

    G70X Arm

  3. Nathan Wong

    G70X Arm

    Sale Pending
  4. Nathan Wong

    G70X Arm

    Purchased directly from Tiffen september 2016. Ex-Demo G70 with X Upgrade. Standard use marks and scruffs. Arm flys perfectly fine. Comes with transport sleeve. Asking for 8400 USD Shipping worldwide via Fedex, DHL or Hong Kong Post. The arm is located in Hong Kong. Shipping estimate rouhgly 250 USD Payment via telegraphic bank transfer. PM me or email me directly at nathan.w@thinfilmhk.com Thanks! Note: The small knob to tighten arm post has fallen off, can order spare part directly from Tiffen. Also one of the rubber bumpers fell off from the heat. Can be replaced from hardware stores of directly from Tiffen.
  5. Nathan Wong

    Rickshaw for Steadicam

    Whats the most rigid and versitale Rickshaw for steadicam at the moment? Is it still the Rickshaw Dolly from Hans Hellner or the Optical support Mantis? Or does anyone have experience with the backstage shot saver? Im looking to purchase one soon! Thanks!
  6. Nathan Wong

    MK-V 1.5" 2 stage HD sled

    already sold
  7. Nathan Wong

    MK-V 1.5" 2 stage HD sled

    still for sale!
  8. MK-V 1.5" 2 stage HD sled 2 stage 1.5" MK-V Sled (Originally a MK-V evolution rig) (Converted bottom battery bracket to a modular rod system) -MK-V topstage -3A gimbal -2 x IDX battery plates with usb / d-tap ports -second v-lock plate on bottom -converted MK-V v2 electronics to HD signal With 12/24V power Includes: 1 x pelican case 1700 1 x sled 2 x baseplates 2 x coiled 3pin Lemo to 4pin xlr 2 x 3pin lemo to 4pin xlr 1 x 3pin lemo to d-tap splitter 1 x Docking bracket **** monitor is not included**** Shipping worldwide. 8000 USD OBO
  9. Looking for a 1.5" Pro Gimbal to replace my 3A gimbal 1.5" MK-V Sled
  10. I have a 3A topstage and looking for a replacement!
  11. PLEASE NOTE, the D-BOX is NOT working. -1.5" Post -3A Gimbal -Docking Bracket -V-mount (monitor is not included) Comes in pelican case Based in Hong Kong. Open to offers
  12. have a MK-V evo sled. Looking for any HD electronics that fits !
  13. have a MK-V evo sled. Looking for any HD electronics that fits !
  14. Nathan Wong

    G50X or Masters

    looking for a G50X arm or Masters arm.
  15. Nathan Wong

    G50x or masters arm

    Looking for masters or g50x arm.