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  1. Good post! I would like to add (More fro sellers): Double check your PayPal account when you receive money!!! There is a lot of fraud with wrong messages about money sent to you. They make it look like they sent you money which is unlocked after you'll sent them the tracking number of the parcel. This kind of transactions is only to get access to your PayPal account. Normally by checking your Paypal account before answering them makes it clear they didn't send anything. Hope you understood, my english is not the best.
  2. Ryan, try a Raptor and try the zephyr. As I told you before, the big advantage of the raptor is the ability to service it by yourself, and outfit it for your special needs. On the other hand, the zephyr is well serviced by Tiffen and you can resale it easier (as you can see). The most expensive part of a good rig is the time for practice. All these hours of practicing should be done with a professional rig you like and feel comfortable and is able to go on set too. So really, try and then buy! Take your time to make a good choice for you.
  3. Bump! New price Euro 8000.- together with Ninja Flame as monitor/ recorder with 2x 480 GB SSD
  4. I' adding a Ninja Flame as monitor/recorder with two 480 GB SSD. All togehther: Euro 9000.-
  5. Hi, I'm selling my AP Raptor rig. It is a great rig and I sell it, because I stop with operating. Fantastic rig to start and highly modular. If you would like to have more information please contact me by mail: mabcine@orange.fr I'm located in France (Bourgogne) about 1 hour from Dijon. I'm looking for Euro 11000.- but I'm open for reasonable offers. Thanks for looking! Cheers Marc
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