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  1. The Connex Mini transmitter and Fusion receiver set is priced at $1648. http://www.camotionllc.com/connex-mini/ Rich Greb CMR
  2. Whoops, big typo in my earlier post, left out NOT!. The Feelworld converters DO NOT WORK converterting 23.98/24 PsF for the Connex/Mini sets. Rich Greb
  3. Following up on Charles' comment on the Feelworld (Seetec) converters, we confirmed last year that they do work work converting 23.98/24 PsF for the Connex or Connex Mini wireless HD sets. But they are very nice rugged converters (we tested about every other framerate/resolution avialiable with Decimator sets). Features that you won't find on many other converters are the 1/4-20 mounting points and built in (and removable) Sony battery plates and AC adaptor. http://www.camotionllc.com/sdi/sch.shtml Rich Greb CMR
  4. Charles, audio was wired in to the atem. The video was streaming from the Ursa Mini. The ATEM program was recorded into a Hyperdeck Mini. Rich
  5. Quick latency test of Connex Mini with CMR SDI converter kit, courtesy of Emm, Cheesycam. Rich Greb CMR
  6. We now offer an SDI kit for the Connex Mini transmitter It uses the Blackmagic Micro SDI converter and has a D-tap cable that provides power to both the Connex Mini and the Blackmagic Micro. (contact us for Lemo power connector availability) The overall package is kept small and it gets the job done. The Blackmagic MIcro will not handle 23.98/24 PsF. http://www.camotionllc.com/connex-mini/ Rich Greb CMR
  7. Looking for anyone who would like to compare the Connex Mini with CMR accessories to their Teradek (600 or 2000), or Paralinx (Arrow-X or Tomahawk). If interested send me an email at rich@camotionllc.com Rich Greb CMR
  8. Hi Twojay, Not now, but we are working on rod antenna prototype parts for the Connex. The cooling fan is on all the time. BTW, HDMI only. We made a lot of noise measurements last year while working on a low cost noise baffle for the Connex. The noise is fairly directional, and I seem to remember noise levels around 32-36 dBA at 2 feet. Using hand made sound absorbing baffle prototypes that allowed full airflow, we could only achieve a 2-3 dBA reduction. Decided the only way to get the noise level down to say 25 dBA at 2 feet would be sealed without free airflow and clever therm
  9. The cage for the Connex Mini TX now includes a secure standard HDMI connector. Also, we have several SDI solutions in development, probably two months out for release. The Connex MIni with CMR accessories is an industry leading wireless video performance and price combination. http://www.camotionllc.com/connex-mini/ Rich Greb CMR
  10. Camera Motion Research is announcing accessories for the Amimon Connex mini that provide mounting, TX antenna support, and batteries. The Connex mini is smaller, lighter, and uses less power than the original Connex. And the transmitter does not have a cooling fan. LOS range is 1600 ft. The Connex mini, like the original Connex does not transmit audio, but if your requirements are simple wireless HD up to 1080P(60), these are really cost effective and robust wireless sets. Have a look here http://www.camotionllc.com/connex-mini/, and if you're going to NAB stop by our booth C10548 t
  11. Charles, The mini is shipping, but not extra receivers yet, they are coming. We certainly have evaluated it, and I think it is a great product. As you noted it is much smaller, and it doesn't have a cooling fan on the transmitter. Our prototype equivalent to the original Connex with our (smaller) antenna mount and including a 5 hr. battery is very compact and weighs about 1/2 lb. The original Connex will have its place where the best range and robustness in noisy environments is worth paying a little more for. Rich Greb
  12. Letting everyone know we're having a 3 day 25% off sale on our Connex Accessories Pack. Only $229 from February 15 - February 17. We are an authorized Amimon Connex dealer. www.camotionllc.com/connex Rich Greb CMR
  13. For those who don't need audio transmission and can work with the relatively noisy transmitter fan, CMR has release accessories for the Amimon Connex to provide antenna support, mounting, and power options. Now it is easy to take advantage of the robust transmission capability of the Connex on any camera rig at a surprisingly low total cost. http://www.camotionllc.com/connex Rich Greb CMR
  14. Camera Motion Research is offering a great multicast upgrade offer to Radian Pro and Paralinx Arrow unicast wireless HD set owners. You can trade in your unicast set to purchase a new Radian MC multicast set with 2, 3, or 4 receivers. Details in the link below. www.camotionllc.com/%20unicast-multicast-a-112.html Rich Greb Camera Motion Research
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