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  1. I can't speak to the M2 specifically but I have an Archer2 with G50X and it handled everything I threw at it. That includes almost every digital camera there is, as well as 235, 416, and similar packages. Of course some of the big setups would stretch it like Alexa SXT with big anamorphics or long zooms (or the Alexa 65 I flew once which is definitely a beast) It really depends where you are as well. Where I shoot we mostly fly minis anyway
  2. There you go: https://steadicamlessons.com
  3. I've had similar problems for a while there are multiple possible sources and solutions. The control box is lose somehow, can be minimal. It then starts oscillating in a certain position ie. upside down (low-mode) for example. I changed the mount to something custom.(see picture, also attached a low mode monitor to it) Too much force for the rigidity of the sled set on the volt. For me this happened when I had a very light build and extended sled. To solve this I dialed the roll dial a little bit back until it stops (don't need full roll stabilization for "normal" shooting) Something not "Volt" related as for example a loose top stage or battery mount (solution= check all screws if they are tight but don't overdo it) Hope this helps. Best, B.
  4. So here is what I've gathered from facebook It's the second "modular" sled from Tiffen. Most parts are interchangeable with the M-1. It is the successor to Archer2 & Shadow. It has Volt electronics built into the topstage. I'd love to post pictures here but they are not mine and as far as I know there is no official marketing material yet.
  5. Had simmilar problems once. Got this from Danny at Tiffen: Top stage at the post might be loose. To access the top of the stage, you’ll need to remove the tilt head, by removing the two shafts behind the kip handle locks. Taking off is relatively easy. Putting back takes some skill and is a little fiddly. Once removed, check that are the 5 screws that connect the stage to the base: The collar this crown is integral with, is pinned in 4 places around the top of the post, and bonded in place. Make sure this hasn’t moved. If it has it could be more serious, and will need work to reattach. Good Luck, Best B.
  6. Hi Steadi Folk, I'm looking for "old" GPI Pro Parts. I want to build a backup sled. Can be SD. New Post Bayonet preferred but I'm open for everything. Parts from Europe would be nice, considering shipping and customs. But I'll be in LA again sometime in the next couple of weeks. Throw it at me ;) Peace, Ben
  7. The original from Tiffen is about 600$ VMount: 807-7350-01 GoldMount: 807-7350-02 https://tiffen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Steadicam-Accessory-Price-List-2016.pdf Best B
  8. Hi Joe, I'm not even sure what you are talking about (I'm guessing Blackmagic Hardware/Software?) But I think you are in the wrong forum. Maybe try LiftGammaGain. Best Ben
  9. I know Frederik Lillie Rudolph from my workshop in Denmark. He works at http://redrental.dk/rental-equipment/stabilization/ They have a couple of rigs.
  10. BUMP - 2400€ Serious offers please. Based in Vienna, Austria.
  11. For sale my first Rig! This baby got me starting and was a solid learning machine for me! See details: https://cvp.com/pdf/GB_ArtemisDVPro.pdf Listing: - Sled - Arm - Backmount Vest - Docking Bracket - 4Pin XLR Power (I can adapt that for you to have a female DTAP) - Tool (Allen Key) - all canisters for the arm (light,medium,heavy) It as a very nice stage at the bottom for fine tuning dynamic balance. This is a SD Sled so you'd need a downconverter for most cameras. Asking 1.900€ + VAT + Shipping Based in Vienna, Austria
  12. BUMP - 2450€ Has a new back-part. And has been sitting around in my flat for too long.
  13. Hi Lisa! The safety pins were already planned :) Here is the Version with all the suggestions incorporated. 6x 1/4-20 mounting points 2x slots for accessory mounting 2x M4 mounting points for a future rod clamp Safety pins! If there is anything else please let me know. If there are enough people who want one I'll try and get a better deal for manufacturing. I'll keep you updated!
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