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  1. Docking bracket SOLD. Still top stage and monitor bracket available - great start on building a Tiffen M sled! Top stage: 2500 Monitor bracket: 1250
  2. Second the notion of practicing every day on a light rig. The learning you do on that system directly scales up without much adjustment - actually, getting precise on a lighter setup will be a form of overtraining for normal weight, as you require greater motor control to gain stability with less inertia.
  3. Selling as a group @ $6000 USD - priced to sell quick but I will sell individually. I've upgraded to the M2 top stage. Currently there is a compatible post for sale here - would perfectly combine for a great entry in Tiffen Modular systems. brettharrison.co for contact / personal info
  4. Hi Steadicam mates, I'm flying a lot recently, and I get the feeling I could cut down on total items with some optimisation by using different cases / dividing systems. I'd love to see some examples from others who have managed to really optimise space. I have an M1 with Volt, Exovest and XARM. I'm wondering perhaps if I should be trying to fit the arm in with the sled in a two-layer system? Any advice would be golden. Thanks!
  5. Yes it's the Mini Libra, awesome. I'm guessing it was a dual operator setup.
  6. For those who have seen the film or pixel peeped the trailer, there's some kind of human-mounted remote head system going on there to my eye. Does anyone know what was used exactly? Thanks!
  7. I am selling my Walter Klassen slingshot. I have decided to go for a Steadicam arm instead, and I want to get a full sized Vest for that. This package comes with a lighter version of the WK Flex Vest http://shop.walterklassen.com/products/copy-of-slingshot Includes: Slingshot, FlexVest (Slingshot version) Two grades of silicone rope MoVI bar Quck detach connectors (works with MoVI bar) as well as generic connection Handle extension posts (for high mode or holding the rig at a distance greater than one's reach) Pump for Flexvest bladder I paid 7900 USD for this around 2 months ago. It's been used about 30 days total (and mostly just the vest, which I used in conjunction with the Easyrig arm (using the Easyrig adapter from WK)). The product is covered by Walter Klassen's 5 year warranty. I would like to get 6900 but I am open to reasonable offers Cheers, Brett twitter.com/_brettharrison
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