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    Generally using a MK-V 4 stage V4 LW Sled, Silver Spring arm and GPI PRO vest.
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  1. Down to $6950 USD. Let's find this bad boy a home!
  2. Thought I'd make a separate listing for the last item up for grabs - a Steadyrig Silver Spring arm. Around 12 months old. A couple of marks but is in basically as new condition. Will come with: Arm obviously :) 6" - 8" - 12" posts, and 3 locking collars; Speed crank Bondhus 5/32 Allen wrench Happy to ship. Shipping and transfer fees at purchaser's expense. Let's find this bad boy a new home. Price drop to $7,200 USD. Michael.
  3. Sled has now gone. Michael Wilson was really easy to sort things out with. Went out of his way to make it run smooth. Another happy recommendation for buying from/selling to. ***The Silver Spring arm is still up for grabs, open to discussion.***
  4. Vest is sold. For reference - Watcharawit K. Ya-inta was super easy to deal with and a straight up guy. Buy/sell with confidence.
  5. MichaelReedy

    GPI PRO Short Gimbal Handle

    Handle is sold.
  6. *Deposit taken on complete sled - considered sold.
  7. *Deposit taken on vest - considered sold at this point.
  8. Just realised that I hadn't mentioned one thing, the gear is booked for two more days of work. The last day is the 29th April and gear can be cleaned and shipped immediately following. *Possible sales on the sled and vest.
  9. Hi all, So due to some recurring injuries, this package is up for sale until the body gives the go-ahead for more work. Pretty much all the gear is either new, or extremely close to it. We would prefer to sell as a complete package, but if 2 of the 3 main items have sales lined up, then that should be fine as well. The sled: MK-V Lite (shorter than the Nexus); 4 stage, 2" post; Betz topstage; V4 electronics with dual HD-SDI lines; V2 gimbal; 3 x AB battery plates; Docking bracket; Infinity monitor arm; Cinetronic Gen2 monitor; Cables include - Alexa 24V, Alexa Mini/Amira 24V, Cinetronic Gen 2 Cable, RED power; Long camera plate. The arm: Steadyrig Silver Spring. Maybe just on 12 months old. Will come with: 6", 8", 12" posts, and 3 locking collars; PRO low mode bracket with 4" post; Speed crank. The vest: PRO vest 32" and 38" waistbands; Was made for around 6', I'm 6'3" and it fits perfect, I've had someone 5'9" with no complaints either. I'm around 170lbs, but obviously has adjustment either way. You can tell from the pictures, that minus a bit of dust (from our gear room), the equipment presents mostly as new. I'm happy to send pictures of specific areas or items if required. I have bought and sold a bunch of gear on here on behalf of my producer, this being no exception. He may be flying to the US or EU to pick up a RED Epic-W within the next month (approximate estimate) if the right camera deal presents itself. IF this happens to be within your time frame and locality, then that could certainly save on some shipping costs and will take the guess work out of 'will it actually turn up'. That should cover most of it, if there's anything I've missed or forgotten to write down, please drop a comment and I'll be more than happy to discuss and expand on it. Package - $30,000 (spent around $52,000) Sled - $18,500 (normally about $28,000 not including monitor or cable pack) Arm - $7,900 (normally $10,300) Vest - $4,200 (normally $5,200) All prices are listed in USD and any shipping or transfer fees would be upon the buyer. Happy to provide references from previous sales and transactions if required. Thank you for reading and hope it goes it a good home with a femur less broken than mine <_< Michael.
  10. MichaelReedy

    Teradek 2000 Complete Kit

    Just checking what price you have in mind Wade.