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  1. Just want to corroborate Tyler's claims. Sent him four Dionic HC's, two Dionic 160's, four Hytron 140's, all good as new. Even replaced an HC circuit board. NiMH cells or lithium cells, definitely recommend. Quick turnaround too.
  2. I purchased an Ultra arm without an arm to vest connector and the incorrect post size. I need the arm to fit my Proline system which is the same dimensions as GPI Tiffen carries the pieces but I'm looking for used parts. Arm to vest connector part #: 078-2078 .625" post part #: 800-7204-03 Post clamp part #: 250-7211
  3. Thanks for the idea Jerry, I can get behind that, Thanks Tom, just reached out to Dan Ikeda for the temporary post and arm to vest connector, should have the pieces soon.
  4. Hello, looking to Frankenstein a Steadicam Ultra Arm I bought used and serviced with Mr. Luna. The arm didn't come with an arm-to-vest socket block so I need to buy one or make one. I have a Proline Vest which has the same connector size as the GPI Pro vest. The post is .750" and I need .625" to fit my Proline sled gimbal. And I would like the option to have one long post that I can adjust for different subject's heights. Thoughts or ideas? I attached photos of the arm.
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