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  1. Thanks AJ, I find the top flag system annoying on the Tangerine MBs. Thanks for reaching out though! Cheers mate!
  2. Figured I wanted to carry a Clip-On matte box as part of my own kit. Anyone with a well used 3 Stage LMB-25?
  3. Selling back up of the back up of the back up! Nothing fancy, Cinetronic Gen1 HD monitor w/ Yoke. Well used, still does the job exactly as it should. 500$? 300$ bottle of Whisky? Cheers, Benoit benoitcgauthier@icloud.com
  4. Looking for a master series arm post with the spiral groove that ends in a 5/8” post See attached picture. Thanks for your time and help!
  5. Hi? I hope you are ok! 

    im wondering if you still have the sidekick II available



  6. Teradek Bolt 500 1RX 2TX SDI/HDMI Ptap power cables AC power cables SDI cables HDMI cables Mounting brackets and screws Case 2400USD Buyer pays shipping I also have a Sidekick II available for an extra 1000USD
  7. For sale: $2000 USD BarTech Focus Device Handunit fStop V2-1 Receiver Heden M21VE-L Motor 2x D-Tap to Lemo2 power cable 2x Digital motor cable 1x Ultrathin digital motor cable 2x Red One Start/Stop cable (Lemo 4) 2x Red DSMC Start/Stop box with BNC 1x Sony Start/Stop Cable (Hirose 4) 1x Arri Start/Stop Cable (Fischer 3) 2x 7” antenna 2x Short antenna 5x Aluminium white focus ring 1x Pelican case with custom foam $2000 USD Kit is in Montreal. Ready to ship anytime! PayPal seems like the way to go! https://share.icloud.com/photos/0UNDnDLEHRODJ5esz-awPEjAQ
  8. Alan! You're awesome! Such a good guy and helpful too. Really great that you are offering this to us! Thanks a bunch. *Ordering in a few minutes*
  9. @Jerry ... Need anyone to carry cases??? I wouldn't mind going to Tenerife!
  10. Oh yeah! This is back on sale! 7,750 USD$ or The Dalmore Constellation Collection 1972 Cask #1 https://www.thedalmore.com/the-collections/the-constellation-collection/1972 Cheers, Benoît
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