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  1. Karl, so did you buy your unit brand new from MKV? Is it a three motor system? How much did you spend total on yours, and what did you get with your package, cables, etc?
  2. Karl, so did you buy your unit brand new from MKV? Is it a three motor system? How much did you spend total on yours, and what did you get with your package, cables, etc?
  3. @Zoltan I was at Cinegear this year and stepped by the Mk V booth and had extensive conversations with Ashley. Love the product, and did my own test with the "European" power setting. there is a US power setting, medium, low, etc.. According to MKV, this Euro setting though is the highest power setting for the maximum range. I was able to get signal from about 460 feet away going through three dummy/set buildings, plus add in all the additional wireless interference coming from the other vendors at the event. I lost signal when I rounded a chain link fence, which I was expecting anyways. I'm about 80% convinced to buy the unit, but still researching other options. I don't want to get too far off on a tangent or off point of this particular topic, but Tilta had a prototype that would sell for around $5000 for 3 motors all the cables, the MDR and the handheld unit. their handheld unit also has a better display much like the Preston. only downside is that it's untested yet. It's still in development, so I'm eager to see what news develops on that particular model. if the Tilta does exactly the same thing as the MKV, it's worth saving $5,000. they said around July they will have a finished product.
  4. @zoltan so now that you've had the system for almost a month since your review on the 15th of May, how is everything holding up? Have you had a chance to hook it up to a decent cook s4, or a hawk V light, or an angeniux? I'm curious to know how good the motor strength is, overall impression, etc. I'm heavily debating getting the 3.1 version, or if it's worth it to hold out for something else. Let me know your thoughts
  5. @james So was it the 3.0 or 3.1 version you tested/saw?
  6. @james I'm also curious if the one you had tested side by side with the Preston was the 3.0 or the 3.1 version.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with the RT Motion focus iris zoom controller... Sister company of Mark 5 out of England? I'm in the market for a 3 motor controller basically, and wants to know if anyone has used this system before... Or if anyone owns one currently. Distance issues, interference, smoothness, durability, etc. I don't have the money for a Preston, or a C motion, so please don't go blabbing about those Two. I only want to hear if you personally have experience with the RT Motion. Thank you.
  8. Hey guys, I recently purchased a Bartech system from Orlando on here, and very happy with the unit. I wanted to get some spare cables, and that led me to want to get spare cables for everything else I have. I live in Los Angeles, so either a local place would be nice, or somewhere with easy shipping. Orlando mentioned East Coast Cable, and I talked to Chris who quoted me: a. Bartech motor cable - $150 b. P-tap power cable for the Bartech - $140 Is there anywhere you guys know of that's less expensive, but still with good quality? I was going to look on B&H photo for the cables, but don't have the specs... 1b, 0b. Also, sometimes things get lost in translation when talking to their customer service reps. Can anyone help?
  9. I'm selling my ACT2 vest from Sachtler. Hit me up... email me. :)
  10. I'm selling mine... ACT2 from Sachtler. Bought it in Europe... brand new, never used. Impulse buy. lol. Hit me up! :)
  11. btw... I know I'm NOT looking for a Kenyan Gyro like this I want the ring system similar to the Omega Revolution without all the hooplah.
  12. So I looked into the AR and Omega Rev rig, and honestly, it's too much $$$ for me and my needs. I already have a Phantom V from Tiffen Steadicam, and I love it... just need a stabilzer to go from low mode to missionary and keep the camera level the entire time. Here's my question... are there any other optons and/or "poor man's" versions of the Omega Revolution (or Alien Revolution) out there...NOT the system, but just the horizon/camera stabilizer part? Non motorized, no flashy computers. I mean even 2 rings a foot in diameter, a cheeseplate to slap a camera on like the Alexa, and some skateboard wheels to keep it all horizontally stable? After seeing the AR rig being used in the Teenage Dream music video, I sorta wanted one. When I saw the price tag, I was like, "uhm, NO!" Yes, I'm sort of a newbie to all this... only operating my Phantom for 1.5 years. I'm a fast learner... my recent steadi work... Yes, I live in Los Angeles, the dslr capital of crappy inventions. NO, I don't want to spend $29,000 for an Omega Revolution that won't even fit on my Phantom V. NO, I don't want to buy an entirely new arm, post, stage, etc. like the Nexus. YES, I'll keep an extra foot free loop of bnc cable to go from camera to my Phantom stage, and use right angle bnc elbow connectors so I don't go kinking a cable or wire, or breaking a bnc cable connector on the camera or on my Phantom stage. Can someone help shed some light on this? I tried contacting John Moyer from 2 Fast 2 Furious about what he called "gyros" at 1:10 in this video... http://www.productionhub.com/video/view.aspx?item=11037 Not sure if that's the same thing as what I'm looking for (maybe John was just in Low mode the whole time). But in essence, what I want is something that looks like the Omega Revolution, non motorized, non hokus pokus... JUST something to level out the camera with gravity, and go from low mode to missionary having the camera level the entire time. Anyone have experience? Serious suggestions? Advice?
  13. Very valid and good points. With all that being said, I'm going to start a new topic. Much easier than continuing on about the AR. Flemming, btw, if you were in Los Angeles, I'd throw you the work. Thomas, are you in Los Angeles? I can throw you the gig if you want... but it's up to you to lock in the deal with the Producers. Email me privately, and I'll send you the contact, name, and email so you can get intouch with them... cc you on the email if that's easier. let me know. :)
  14. Hey guys! :) I've owned my Phantom V for over a year now, operating a couple years prior to that, and got lots of great jobs through it. One in particular coming up for a short film about Celebrity Concierge's needs an AR system. I called Dan and Derek at Steadicam, and they suggested asking for your help since they don't carry it. Can you recommend a rental house that might have one in Los Angeles... best, lowest rate, package price? Also, is there an AR guru who manufacturers one that I can buy for cheap? Budget is flexible, depending on build quality, etc. Thanks in advance. :) -Massimo
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