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  1. Price drop : 18000 € worldwide shipping included.
  2. Whole package (sled, arm, vest, case, accessories) : 20 000 €, shipping included Separate parts (only in case of simultaneous sales) : - sled (folded version) : 11000 € - G50X arm : 8000 € - LX vest (with new backpack installed in july) : 4000 €
  3. For the moment you are one interested in the vest and one in the arm. But I will sell elements separately only if I can sell all them at the same time, at reasonable price. So we need one more person interested in the sled :)
  4. The LX vest has just been serviced with a brand new plastic spare part, so it is now in perfect shape :)
  5. Hello still available but I have some talks to sell the entire package. As previously stated, will sell the arm only if I get simultaneous buyers for other parts. I am in no hurry to sell it, it's a great rig and arm and I love them :)
  6. Someone is interested in sled & vest ; in this case I could sell you the arm only, 8000 € This only if all buyers are OK at the same moment
  7. Hello, sorry no plan to sell parts separately at this time. Thank you.
  8. Ready to fly : STEADICAM ARCHER2 folding version STEADICAM LX Vest + brand new spare part STEADICAM G-50X arm STEADICAM thermodyne case STEADICAM dovetail plate STEADICAM low-mode bracket STEADICAM RED & RED SCARLET power cables Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI monitor Marshall V-LCD-HI horizon indicator 20 000 € worldwide shipping included from Reunion Possibility to sale parts separately only if buyers are interested at the same moment : Sled, vest, case... 12 000 € worldwide shipping included G-50X Arm : 8000 € worldwide shipping included More pictures : emmanuel.dinh (@) laposte.net
  9. What about this one ? http://www.letus35.com/helix-1-axis-pro/ According to Letus, this model "can achieve more robust moves mounting on the Steadicam sledge without any translation vibrations.". Much more expensive, though...
  10. I have just finished a live TV, testing my new return video system : TERADEK CLIP --> (WiFi) --> iPad on board STEADICAM (with TERADEK CLIP app) It worked like a charm, so I wanted to share. Actually, I was looking for an affordable return video system, and did not want to spend 1000$ or so for just a new monitor, not mentioning video transmitter. Designed for drones, the CLIP is a WiFi video transmitter with a delay of (only) several hundreds of ms (depending of network and obstacles), while the iPad is, as everybody know, a very versatile unit not limited to my STEADICAM uses.
  11. Then it's a good rig for you ; do not hesitate to add on-board light, HF mic (if needed) and STEADICAM weights to increase stability.
  12. Of course It can ! The only limitation is the weight, up to 10 lbs : enough to fly a Sony PMW-200 or Canon XF 300 ENG, C300, 5D or BMCC. As long as you won't need to fly heavier cameras, your Pilot will do the job just as bigger rigs.
  13. Actually the Pilot has power on the top stage, but you should order a custom cable from Media Black Out like I did : Pilot stage to D-Tap, then D-Tap to Decimator2. http://mediablackout.net/product-category/cables/ Otherwise, I am with Victor, you'd better go to a Pilot HD : nowadays, there are not so many cameras using RCA Output, and you'll get a better monitor (7" instead of 5.8" for Pilot SD)
  14. ...You could also add a DECIMATOR2 to convert in RCA. This way you can use a Pilot SD. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1091828-REG/decimator_dd_dec_2_3g_hd_sd_sdi_to_hdmi_with.html So will have GH4/HDMI --(ATOMOS H2S)--> SDI --(DECIMATOR2)--> RCA/PILOT. Of course you can find similar products from other brands, just mentioning those I know.
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