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  1. Teradek RT Thumbwheel-S (Right-Handed) Brand New, never used. Comes with rubber grip insert, and longer bolt. Purchased for a handheld setup and went a different direction. $350 obo Thanks!
  2. This is the biggest flaw of the Zephyr design, with catastrophic failure being a huge factor! I can't say I'm shocked Tiffen hasn't addressed this... This happened to me on a shoot one day, and I happened to be on a farm that had extra bolts lying around, and luckily a 3/8" (1/4"?) threaded extended shaft bolt fit the bill perfect. I was blown away! A .50 repair, with something a billion times stronger, that Tiffen would not actually fix. The part that breaks btw is a narrow pin head allen screw? that theads into the gimbal yoke. Super easy (preventable) fix. Pictures exist somewhere
  3. Amidst the middle of this pandemic, I made the questionable choice of upgrading to a new rig. This past May, I came across an older DCE/Pro Sled and 3A arm package that was within my budget, and fit the bill for me finally making the jump from a Zephyr to a full sized rig. The package was coming from a younger Operator in Mexico City and I asked him about the history of the sled and what components it was made up of. He didn't seem to know much about the sled itself, except that it was upgraded to HD and the gimbal was serviced before he got the package, which he had owned for a couple ye
  4. Dang this really is a bummer. John and his team were always great to deal with. Seems like an opening for someone else to start Re-celling batteries!
  5. Pelican 1640 Case in Good Condition. Foam cut out for a Steadicam and Steadicam arm. Bottom layers of foam have sections cut out for battery and accessory storage. $200 obo - Local Pickup only in NorthEast LA
  6. Thanks for the clarification Janice. I was uncertain as to the origin, but it looked similar to one of yours. Thanks for clearing that up.
  7. Selling my practice weight cage. Edit: Not a Janice Arthur cage. I weighed the combo together and came up with combined weight of roughly 18.5 lbs. (5) 3/8-16 holes in the top plate. Multiple recessed 1/4-20 pass through holes, and 3/8 thread holes in the bottom plate Normally I would use just the larger bottom plate on smaller builds and think it came in around 11lbs? $275 obo + shipping
  8. Hey Dallas, feel free to check out the ad for my Zephyr: It will be the most capable and complete kit for that price range. I live in NC so we could do the sale locally.
  9. Selling my complete Steadicam Zephyr Package which has served as an excellent starter rig over the last 4 year. Sled, Arm, Vest, docking bracket are all in good functioning condition. The Package has light scuffs and scratches from years of production use. Upgrades include: 2nd Battery Hanger for 24v power, Sky Magic Monitor Yoke, Larger Sky Magic Gimbal Grip. I've also replaced the gimbal yoke connector with stronger single piece bolt. Included Cables: 3pin Lemo to Female P-Tap for Accessory power, 3 Pin Lemo Power Cables for: RED - Alexa - Alexa Mini/Amira. Hirose to XLR power
  10. That is indeed correct Eben! The real question is what position does the switch on the Tiffen battery plate provide 12 vs 24v power, I Or II?
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