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  1. Selling my complete Steadicam Zephyr Package which has served as an excellent starter rig over the last 4 year. Sled, Arm, Vest, docking bracket are all in good functioning condition. The Package has light scuffs and scratches from years of production use. Upgrades include: 2nd Battery Hanger for 24v power, Sky Magic Monitor Yoke, Larger Sky Magic Gimbal Grip. I've also replaced the gimbal yoke connector with stronger single piece bolt. Included Cables: 3pin Lemo to Female P-Tap for Accessory power, 3 Pin Lemo Power Cables for: RED - Alexa - Alexa Mini/Amira. Hirose to XLR power (not pictured), Hirose to Coax 5.5mm power cable for lighter HDMI monitor. (1) 1ft SDI cable, (1) 3ft SDI cable Other Accessories: Low Mode bracket, 2nd Marshal Monitor with HDMI input/output for DSLR (needs to new SDI module) Initially purchased as a backup but turned out to be too light for most occasions. Great for trimming down weight on bigger camera builds. Velcro Monitor Hood, Original Monitor Mount Bracket. Google Drive link to Full set of photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AiQjTx9l8ddTMtaW-dl-Z-VbWcUdJIdq?usp=sharing $8000 obo, Located in Durham NC. Relocating to LA in August and could arrange delivery there as well.
  2. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Zephyr Power Configuration

    That is indeed correct Eben! The real question is what position does the switch on the Tiffen battery plate provide 12 vs 24v power, I Or II?
  3. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Zephyr Power Configuration

    Every couple of years I run into this issue (since I rarely power cameras from the sled) and have never really come across a definite answer on the forums. I've searched a lot of the hot terms ("zephyr power" "hot-swap") and still no luck . Can we sticky a post listing all the potential Zephyr power issues? There are multiple posts discussing lots of important info for Zephyr owners that are pretty hard and time consuming to navigate through.
  4. Jonathan Pfundstein

    short after connecting the monitor

    Bringing this back from the dead.... Alan what caused the issue of your SDI module going out? Mine recently failed months after shorting out a connection when plugging in the monitor. But is the general consensus to have everything plugged in before powering up? I did notice my Marshal V-LCD70MD-3G does have a note saying to specifically not hot swap SDI inputs which I've never heard....
  5. After having issues with my monitor I decided to replace the stock Zephyr HD monitor with a slightly newer Marshall V-LCD70MD-3G As I'd done in the past for other coaxial power connectors, I planned to replace the xlr power connection with the coaxial power connection needed for the new monitor. The Zephyr has a 6 pin hirose connector on the sled base front and associated cable with a xlr power connection and SD video connection. I wired up the new connection matching the #4 white (+) xlr connection to the new coaxial inner white positive (+) wire, and negative outer black wire. I soldered and heat shrunk the connections to make sure the wires were shielded and not touching. I connected the finished cable to the hirose connector on the base of the sled and plugged in the the coaxial cable to the monitor, the monitor didn't power on, odd. I looked at the hirose connector and noticed one of the pins being slightly shorter, almost bent. I tried bending the tip back a bit, and plugged it in again. This time as I was aligning the hirose connector to plug it in, it popped and tiny puff of smoke came out before even had it fully inserted. From that point, I just stopped and didn't try to test anything else due to fear of damaging anything else After examining in the pin again, it seemed slightly shorter, almost melted. Do these connections have that sort of protection built in to protect again reversed polarity? Even then I don't think thats what happened. Pretty in the dark with what I thought should be a fairly straight forward process. Any help or insights are greatly appreciated!
  6. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Getting Steadicam Zephyr Serviced

    Hi Robin, thanks for your response. I'm located in Durham, North Carolina. I agree, in most cases vibrations would most likely be coming from the camera stage or sled. With the Zephyr being so prone to flexing of the center post I pretty much exclusively run it without the post extended. I've gone through everything on the sled checking for play, added soft velcro to my Anton Bauer mounts to make sure there is zero play in any components. I recently upgraded to the Skymagic Monitor yoke (thanks Frederic!) which added even more rigidity to bottom stage. As far as any vibrations in camera builds I've flown multiple setups without issue, but also have had random/almost sporadic problems with these phantom vibrations in a couple builds over the last year, each time only being noticeable on longer focal lengths. With that being said when we noticed these problems ,the first thing we checked were the camera builds, and we came back with no issues from the camera side. The last time this happened my AC suggested I boom the sled through the arm range to see if we noticed any vibrations and sure enough we noticed a small bump (in the image) while booming down on a 75mm. We tired the same thing again, no bump. So isolating this issue has been very troublesome, but leads me to think its the arm. I've done testing with my practice camera and weight cage setup (about 12-13lbs) to see if I could recreate these problems which show up very occasionally as vibrations, normally when I'm stomping around trying to illicit some negative response. Besides that I've checked the top stage and the dovetail receiver plate will definitely flex with the mass of the huge 10lb weight plate, but doesn't wiggle or have any play. I checked the screws which I could tighten more, but weren't lose and once tightened the flex in the top stage didn't appear any different. I won't be sending it anywhere as of now because its been over a month after the first email, almost two weeks since a follow up email, I've tried calling and leaving voicemails, no response at all. In short it'd be great to talk to anyone that could give me ANY more info on what the next steps should be, but besides you Robin, I've had zero luck. Thanks for your help in helping to try and isolate the problem. As of now my best option is to just upgrade to full sized rig and quit fussing with this tiny noodle of a sled!
  7. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Getting Steadicam Zephyr Serviced

    Anyone? How about having other rigs serviced through the Steadicam Service department/Tiffen? It's been a month now and no response to the email I sent to Joe Wilbur in Repairs, anyone else who I should contact?
  8. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Zephyr Arm broke during a shoot yesterday

    I recently just started a thread asking about Tiffens service of the Zephyr line and it doesn't look promising according to everything I've read here. My problem specifically being this exact part of the Zephyr arm. This seems to be a known issue of them being weak and I always though the implementation was pretty shotty. Any updates from anyone contacting Tiffen about this problem? On the other hand have never had a problem with this pin falling out. The one I purchased with the rig with (used) was short and slightly bent so I purchased another slightly longer one, but when It's inserted from the top I couldn't imagine it just falling out. #checkyourshitbeforeyoufly
  9. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Getting Steadicam Zephyr Serviced

    Does anyone have any experience getting their Steadicam Zephyr serviced through Tiffen? Just the arm, costs, results? I've recently been noticing a vibration in my image when shooting with longer lens, that seems to be coming from the arm, different than the vibration that can come from Zephyrs being maxed out and noodling (which I've found to occur even around 13lbs). The only visible issue with the arm is a gap (thats slowly gotten larger over the last couple years) between the socket/and quick release pin. (see attached picture) Under load however the space does not seem to be an issue as the arm presses down against it. There's also a slight bit of play in the gimbal laterally when just the gimbal casing is shifting, but through the yoke and handle it doesn't present itself. My concern is that the Zephyr seems to be a fairly concealed system where servicing individual parts didn't really seem to be a focus (I could be totally wrong here and hopefully I am) I just don't want to send my rig to Tiffen for them to tell me the whole grip and gimbal needs to be replaced (at a high price) for what may not be the real culprit of the vibration. Do they just service everything like it was an overhall, or do they actually test to see what the issue could be? I'm certainly willing to pay the money to get the the rig serviced and any parts replaced to resolve these issues, I would just hate to send everything off and then still be left with issues. Thanks!
  10. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Zephyr Power Configuration

    Does anyone have any specifics for the 2nd battery dovetail mounting or battery configuration in terms of inputs, switches, orientations? I mounted it the most intuitive way with the plug to go in the 12/24v input (which I assume is correct) and its in opposite orientation from the other AB mounts. Also as I understand (I switch position) is 12v and (II) is 24 volt? Why is there such little literature from Tiffen on this product?
  11. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Cable Maker NYC

    Follow up to this post, any other cable makers on the East coast that are available? Normally I've been using Media Blackout but timing isn't working out to my advantage for needing a cable by Friday.
  12. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Camera mounting hardware - a comprehensive source?

    That's exactly what I need Janice, thanks for your response! I will definitely pick up a set of the 3/8's
  13. Jonathan Pfundstein

    AB tm4 charger issues

    John from AB just contacted me and suggested the absolute most obvious thing that I can believe I didn't try first. Try switching the switch in the back from Camera to charge. Some how mine unknowingly got switched, bam problem solved!
  14. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Dionics charging on older PowerChargers

    Agreed definitely the best way to go. Then why would the manual state that they can charge Dionics when it was released? Trying to wrap my head around that.....since it seems like AB would give me the same info? All in all a mute point because I found out it was running on REV. # 4.2 Would a 2401 Dual Charger be a good deal for 210$ shipped? Seems like it from Adorama with a 90 day warranty at least....
  15. Jonathan Pfundstein

    Dionics charging on older PowerChargers

    I've read conflicting information of whether or not Dionics can be charged on older PowerChargers without the firmware revisions. http://www.ritterbattery.com/Battery-Manuals/2400_2700_dualquad_Charger_Manual.pdf The manual says yes it will charge dionics (and I'm guessing that was the original models from the factory, regardless of firmware) , and in general that's what I've found. But John's other charger table: http://www.ritterbattery.com/Battery-Manuals/AB-Chargers_table_sheet.pdf says that they can be used with those chargers with the firmware 3.6 or higher. About to purchase a 2401 Dual Charger and trying to find out the firmware version, but wanted to clarify if it would charge regardless, I know some of the newer firmwares was to support discharging. Thanks!