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  1. A 10 minute reel of shots I made with and without the Volt for Hulu’s “Dollface”. Most of the video is accompanied by descriptions of how I tune my Volt for different shots, along with why. This tool has fundamentally made my days at work better, allowing me to make bolder choices, with more precise results!
  2. This is my personal technique for making whip pans. I’m sharing here in hopes that it might help a newer operator who is looking to improve their whip pans during this quarantine.
  3. For the G-70x owners. I’ve made two videos in an effort to share everything I know about the arm. I did my best to make them as comprehensive as possible, so they’ve turned out quite a bit longer than I’d planned, but it’s my hope that they might help a new user of the arm get started, and introduce a seasoned user to some potentially new ideas for tuning and maintenance. Please bear in mind that these are my own opinions, that they may or may not be correct, and that you assume all personal risk to your arm if you choose to disassemble your equipment. If you are unsure about anything, do
  4. Great to hear. Rey is really doing a bang up job over there.
  5. About a month ago, my new M-1 was delivered to me, and I put it to work right away. I put a lot of thought into this purchase, and I must say, I couldn't be happier with my decision. For me, what immediately stands out about the sled is I have the ability to position the masses anywhere I like. Want the batteries low and the monitor high? Takes about 20 seconds. Want the rig completey coplanar? Takes about 20 seconds. Because of the extreme low profile base, the rig is almost all centerpost, maximizing the extension while also being able to go compact. It can be big or small, depending on
  6. On this job I prepped today it looks like I'm going to keep an onboard battery anyway just to get fore/aft balance. With my Alexa plate from Cinematic Precision and this Fujinon 19-90, a lightweight brick back there is giving me just what I need. Although, it's nice knowing that I could choose to power the camera from my sled should the need arise. Up until now I've been too gun-shy to try.
  7. Thanks for the responses, guys. I also had it measured today and was told it was 16AWG. Just doing a bit of research looks like it's well within the limits.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Brian. I think it would be fine, I just wish I could find out exactly what gauge the wiring is, then at least I could make an educated guess. I have powered Epics (60w) with full AKS, so that's not far behind the 85w Alexa.
  9. I can't seem to find anything in the search or any literature anywhere on what gauge wiring is inside the Master sled. I used Afton's wonderful instructions to add a second battery to make my sled native 24v, and I've powered several 24v cameras just fine, but I'm a little concerned about the 85w Alexa. Still, the Master has a 15amp breaker. An Alexa at 24v draws roughly 3.5 amps, add another 4 amps for AKS and I should be well within the limits... I've never had a bad experience with my Master wiring, I just want to be triple sure that I don't blow anything up! Whenever I've used
  10. Love love love this. Sick DH hip jump at 1:42! :D
  11. Hey guys, I have seen pictures of Adam's wedges and I believe based on the photos that they improve on the original design. I'm not going have any made myself, and I will be purchasing one or two from Adam.
  12. Hello! As Robert said, please use your real name. :-) I am an avid downhill mountain biker, and I spend a lot of time on different kinds of bicycles. For a while, I was sponsored and made videos on Youtube in exchange for product. I've mounted GoPros to just about every part of a bike that I can think of, and experience has shown me that any kind of handlebar mount is going to experience some kind of high frequency vibration, which is hard to eliminate in post. I don't know of any kind of Steadicam solution to this and you might not find much help on this forum, but can you be more specific?
  13. The future of stabilization, or Steadicam in general... With the right plates and bracketry in place, I can go from Steadi to sticks in 2 minutes or less. It usually takes longer to retrieve the sticks from the cart than for me and the 1st AC to have the camera ready to mount. I can then go back to Steadi in less than 5 minutes and be dynamically balanced if I got all my marks at prep. When a DP or AC asks to mount something to the camera, I say, "Sure!" and we throw it on. When production hires a Steadicam Op they know they are hiring someone that can easily accommodate anything from a weigh
  14. Hey guys, I met with my regular machinist about the Wedge today and he estimates an anodized unit will be about $90 apiece. I'm thinking about doing a run of 10. Do me a favor and reach out to any Master/Ultra1 owners you know that might be interested. The new piece should be identical to the original except for the sexy beveled edges. That would add to the cost a good bit and I don't see it as a necessary part of the design. I do think anodizing is necessary just to reduce the friction as the clamp pieces slide together.
  15. Will do, Adam. I'll go see my guy about it tomorrow and go from there.
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