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  1. Hi Guys, I hope it`s ok if I do a short post about cmotion`s new wireless lens controls system, which has been launched at IBC. The cPRO follows a complete new design of the hand unit and a motor, which has a built in RF receiver - so no extra box needed on the camera. You can daisy-chain another 2 cforce mini or plus motors, for a full 3 axis control... Find more on: https://cmotion.eu/page/cpro You can also fill out a short survey, about software features you would like to see in the final product... Shipping of the first units will start early next year. Target price is around 6.000 EUR for a ready-to-go kit, incl. the hand unit and one RF-motor. Hope this little teaser is ok. Thanks, Clemens
  2. Hi Brad, Maybe Walter has already helped you out. If not: Which camin do you have? The camin 2M/4M or the newer camin 3M? There are several options to mount the camin. If you are looking for a quick release, there is the cfast vlock http://cmotion.eu/shop/detail/cat/20/product/23/cfast-vlock For rods 19/15 mm there is the rod connector: http://cmotion.eu/shop/detail/cat//product/2138/cfast%20rod%20connector There is also a smaller tool: the cfast artemis: http://cmotion.eu/shop/detail/cat//product/25/cfast-artemis But not sure if that works on the Pro cine live. If you are based in L.A. Sebastian of camadeus sure could help you out as well: sebastian.lumme@camadeus.com If you have any further questions, drop me a message: clemens.hoenig@cmotion.eu Cheers, Clemens
  3. Have you tried Sebastian at camadeus: sebastian.lumme@camadeus.com
  4. This would be the configuration, when not using an Alexa mini or Plus: cvolution camin 3M (height 105mm (4 1/8 inches), width 64mm (2 1/2 inches), depth 24mm (1 inch), weight 245g (8 3/4 ounces) and up to 3 cforce mini motors (daisy-chained) 173g / 6 oz. incl. standard clamp and gear.
  5. Yes, of course you can use a camin when working with other cameras. The cvolution camin 3M does offer one LBUS port, next to the 3 motor ports. Through the LBUS port you can daisy-chain up to 3 cforce mini motors.
  6. Hi guys, As many of you are probably waiting to get their hands on an Alexa mini, I just wanted to throw in some information about the cvolution working with the Alexa mini. It does communicate the same way, as it does with the Alexa Plus and offers the following features (beside the features, which the cvolution can do anyway): Wireless compatibility without camin in between Displays lens data, FPS, shutter angle and remaining record time on the hand unit Offers quick match focus scale set-up and pre-engraved marker rings Also the cforce mini motors can be connected directly to our pan-bar zoom and also used with the compact LCS system...so weight should not be a problem anymore... Sorry for this advertising, but hope some of you find this useful...
  7. So you have seen the easter egg? The cvolution hand unit with ARRI white, will be able to communicate directly to the ALEXA mini, same as to the ALEXA plus. The cworld is only compatible with the camin directly...
  8. I`ll see what we can do for the upcoming release - will keep you updated!
  9. The stealth mode, lets you deactivate all LEDs on your camin - when shooting at night - to avoid any refelections of the camin`s LEDs
  10. I will forward that to our engineers.will keep you posted...
  11. Hi Walter,We are working on it. Both, the cvolution and cworld software will be released around NAB. Is there any feature you are specially waiting for? Main features will be: - quickmatch for up to 20 lenses - RVI- cable for Amira, which supports auto iris - stealth mode - ward sniper compatibility
  12. Hi Walter, there are already a couple of camin 3Ms on the market - also together with cworld. Main features cvolution: - works with most standard digital motors - camin 3M does offer 3 motor ports, plus Lbus for up to 3 aditional cforce motors - good weight and size (ideal for steadicams and stabilization systems) - quick match function for pre-marked marker rings - lens data (focus/iris/zoom) together woth cworld) - backlight illuminated marker rings - mechanical hard stops - axis synchronization (f.e. slave the zoom to the focus) - auto focus function (with UDM, CInetape or cfinder and lens data) - Arri white RF and cmotion black RF options - etc... There is also a new zoom module coming soon, which can be mounted to the hand unit, but as well to gimbals etc. for hard wired zoom control. cworld main functions: - create and save up to 1.000 lenses on the cworld - default lens data base - create lens data base for any shoot - for quick access - live lens data read out on any wireless device (smart phone, ipod, etc.) - works stand alone with UDM, CInetape or cfinder - upcoming software release: motor control through wireless device (for Iris adjustement via smart device) Hope that helps, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  13. Hi everyone! Just want to give you a quick update about our latest product: The compact LCS by cmotion is now available. The compact LCS is a small lightweight lens control system for one to three axis control. Because of our new intelligent cforce motors, with in built electronics, which we have developed in cooperation with ARRI (based on the new CLM-4 motor), we where able to keep the camin as small and light as possible (only 156 g / 5.5 oz.). The main features of the compact LCS are: - manual and auto calibration - unique and ergonomic design - daisy-chain connection of the motors (only the first motor needs to be connected to the camin) - reliable - easy to use - motor adjustments: ramp, torque, speed and direction - set lens limits (limited rotation of the lens, but whole rotation of the knob) The basic version for one axis starts at $ 9.420.- Everybody who wants to get his hands on this, is invited to contact us directly or our distributors and resellers. For US, please contact camadeus under: contact@camadeus.com. We hope that you will love it... For further information, just contact us under sales@cmotion.eu or visit our homepage under www.cmotion.eu Also check out the short introduction video compact_1_0.pdf All the best, Clemens
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