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  1. Ward's Sniper Mark III that has been well taken care of since 2014 when I bought it new. I have been the sole owner of this unit. This is the pro package as seen on their website which currently retails for $11,300 USD. I'm selling it for $6800 USD and it comes with everything that is originally sold with the pro package as well as the following additions: Cables 2nd sensor cable in addition to the one that comes with it. Power Cables - (2) Sniper to 3 pin Fischer, (1) Sniper to 3 pin Lemo Panavion 12v, (1) Sniper to P-tap. This also come with a Preston DM4x motor gear bolted onto a v-lock quick release. This allows the use of a Preston DM4x motor to wirelessly pan the laser left and right with the Preston iris slider. I'm missing 1 of the 4 9V rechargeable battery leaving only 3. Feel free to email me at aaronhaesler@gmail.com or call me at 604-613-1060. Thanks! Aaron
  2. $155 USD each (half the new cost). I am selling 2 Jerry Hill uni-clamp kits for DM1, DM1x or DM2 Preston motors. These came with two used Preston motors that I recently purchased here on the forum and I don't need them, only needed the motors. Feel free to email me with questions, thanks! Aaron Haesler aaronhaesler@gmail.com 604-613-1060
  3. I'm looking to buy a single channel G4 Preston hand unit and will not low ball you if you're ready to sell. Feel free to email me at aaronhaesler@gmail.com. Thanks! Aaron
  4. This monitor comes with the optional plastic screen protector ($100 Value). The monitor has only been used 1 full day on set and as a result is in "like new" condition. I will ship everything to you that comes in the box from TV Logic. The photos here are from TV Logic but they are of the same monitor and it's basically brand new. I'm selling it for $3100 USD. Feel free to email me with questions or inquiries. Thanks! Aaron Haesler aaronhaesler@gmail.com
  5. I have received yet another batch of these cheese plates from the machinist and currently have 8 remaining for those still interested in picking one up. These cheese plates are now in use in many cities all over the world, thanks to everyone for your support with this product, it's been a lot of fun for me! Aaron
  6. Charles, I have actually not used the single channel handset extensively in handheld mode. For me it has always been a tool for the DOP and I leave the handsets with the DIT at their monitor cart. The plate has been designed to infiltrate the wrapped around finger area as little as possible by removing all aluminum right up to the threaded holes on the hand grip side, this was certainly a consideration of mine while designing the plate. My fingers fit in the groove between the hand grip and the cheese plate however it may not be perfect for all hands. Aaron
  7. Lee, I agree that a knob protector would be a nice feature for this product! My first couple of 3D prints of this piece did actually cover all four sides of the back plate and I did consider a knob protector to be integrated into the piece to mimic the HU3 knob protector that Kar Wai Ng designed (which I currently use on my HU3 and it works great!). I decided to leave the knob protector off my design to keep costs down and to create a slimmer smaller cheese plate. The block of aluminum that the piece would initially require would be much thicker and the time spent removing unnecessary material while machining is more expensive. Aaron
  8. You can not utilize two holes on the Cinelock as the cheeseplate holes are not spaced to accommodate that. You can screw the Cinelock into the cheeseplate using any one hole though.
  9. I have run a small batch of black anodized aluminum, Preston Single Channel Cheeseplates. The cheeseplate screws onto the back of the handset using the existing mounting holes. You will need longer screws (supplied by me) and after mounted to the handset the cheeseplate offers many 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" threaded mounting holes on the top, bottom and back of the handset, creating endless cart mounting possibilities. The cheese plate was designed to create solutions for hard mounting multiple single channel handsets to a monitor cart to avoid handsets hitting the ground while moving the cart. The productions that I work on tend to have multiple single channel handsets at the DIT cart, one for each cameras iris control, I know this is quite common in other parts of North America too. I think DIT's will benefit from this product, keeping a very organized cart with all single channel handsets mounted and presented in an organized fashion. FIZ owners will benefit by supplying a means (the cheese plate) of ensuring their $4500 handset isn't just sitting on top of a monitor cart amongst the scripts and coffee cups, instead mounted to the cart in a rock solid way. Mounting the handsets could be done with cinelocks and noga arms or Ultralight monitor arm components for quick removal and endless articulation, and I know there will be as many ways to mount them as there are members of this forum. I'm selling these Preston Single Channel Cheeseplates for $150 Canadian each plus shipping. I currently have 10 of them left after selling to some friends here in Vancouver, Canada, and will be ordering more once I see how much interest there might be. Feel free to email me if you're interested. Thanks for reading! Aaron Haesler aaronhaesler@gmail.com 1st Camera Assistant Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  10. I've really enjoyed using this one which you could rig a rod mount bracket to quite easily. It's designed by Toronto camera assistant Kar Wai Ng. Here's the link: http://www.karwaing.com/mdr-cheeseplate/
  11. I'm looking to purchase a Preston single channel Focus/Iris control with G4 boards ASAP. Thanks! Aaron Haesler aaronhaesler@gmail.com
  12. I received my MDR3 today, the first unit to hit Canada! To answer a couple of your questions: 1) The lights for direction and torque are quite bright, however they turn off about 3 seconds after you finish touching them, this eliminates all issues with bright lights in dark sets and I was happy to see that they weren't on full time. The green power light and the channel numbers are however on full time. I think I'll be cutting a small square of white electrical tape or something similar for the green power light. 2) The reset button is white, not red, but aside from that, it does everything a reset button is supposed to do. 3) There are in fact mounting holes, two sets. There are four holes on the back opposite the side that says "MDR-3" and also 4 holes on the side, opposite the side with the antenna. I'm looking forward to building some aluminum brackets.
  13. Kar, I'm interested in a couple of these. I love Cine Locks and I love hard mounting everything rather than Velcro when possible. I'm a camera assistant in Vancouver who is looking for solutions for mounting an MDR2 to all cameras. I really like this option. Let me know when you plan to have some more made. Thanks! Aaron aaronhaesler@gmail.com
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