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  1. Definitely worth it- you will be inspired, it will change your life.
  2. Thanks for all that information Gentleman. Optical Support have failed to find a problem on my rig after a month of tests so it is a comfort to read your words. Best wishes, Al x
  3. Thanks for your replies Gentlemen, The camera powered down and would then reboot. It rarely happened during shooting but rather when we were waiting to shoot or moving to the next shooting position. The problem occurred with two different camera bodies. There was no Preston involved, only a Teradek transmitter powered through the rig.
  4. When using the Arri LF camera on my PRO over a fourteen-week shoot I had problems with the camera randomly switching off. I changed all cables and tried a different camera body. Optical Support in London have stripped the rig and can find no weak spots in the wiring. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  5. Hello Dan, Someone mentioned this Klassen rigid socket adapter to me recently as my PRO arm still has the original parts. Do you know what the rigid version contributes to our lives? Best wishes, Al Rae
  6. Hello again Chris, Panavision are having a rummage to see if the relics can be uncovered so I will contact you when I hear more. As the Panaglide was, in effect, the opposition, the material may not be relevant but at least if we have it there would be options. Kindest regards, Al bishopofgiblet@macace.net
  7. Hi Chris, I remember opening a store-cupboard door in the bowels of Pantvision in London about twenty years ago and there was what I took to be the remains of a Panaglide. Whatever I was searching for somehow took precedence and I have pretty much forgotten about it until I read your message. I will investigate. Best wishes with the search. It will make a most noble exhibit. Best wishes, Al Rae
  8. Well Done Good Sir, Stories from the coalface as well-told as yours are the icing on our cake of our profession. By the sound of it I am of a similar vintage to yourself and wish I had thought of writing things down. Bon chance in the years to come!
  9. Thank you gentlemen both. I have now been working with the camera for a month and it balances nicely although I am having to use a 6-inch longer post than normal. I am powering it from the rig using a y-cable connected to both power outlets on my PRO and the power-selector-switch set to 12-volts. I am using extra-strong batteries manufactured by Optical Support in London. Thanks again for your help fellows- what a phenomenal forum!
  10. Hi Girls & Boys, could any of you give me advice about using this camera on a Steadicam please. It is amazing to this old sprocket to be confronted with a brand-new brand-new camera on every film! Best wishes to all, Alastair Rae x
  11. This stuff sounds almost as amazing an invention as the Steadicam. I am about to do a film set at sea and I have been thinking of ways to protect everything. Has anyone trated their gimbal with this emmolient?
  12. Does anyone have a technique for protecting the immaculate contraption from the effects of sea-water?
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