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  1. Thank you for the contacts, Nelson. We've decided to just go ahead and use my Steadicam Flyer. Thanks again.
  2. Bump. If not a Zephyr, a rig in a similar weight class or better would work. I own a Steadicam flyer that I've used to fly the Epic Dragon before without issues but want a rig with more breathing room for weight for this build. Thanks again.
  3. Looking to rent a Zephyr rig in NYC to fly a RED Epic build. Scheduled shoot dates are August 7th and possibly the 4th. Any contacts are much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. A bit late but thanks again for the feedback, guys. Very good stuff. I've taken to account what you've have pointed out and have been incorporating it into my operating on recent projects and I definitely see my work improving. Thanks Again!
  5. Thanks Colin. In terms of the feedback that I'm looking for, basically flaws in my work that I haven't noticed. If it's in this reel, then I think it's good but you've pointed out issues that didn't occur to me when cutting this together, and in the case of the shot at :50, while operating. When operating, I'm mostly conscious about making sure that I don't transfer my footsteps. Wondering if that stands out as a major issue to other operators based on the shots from the reel. As far as the fast and slow motion, directorial choices and I don't have access to all the dailies. I'll consider cutting them short if they are problematic. Could you be more specific about the framing issues?
  6. Been lurking for a while here, soaking up all the valuable information. Threw a new reel together and wanted to get some feedback. Most is from student shorts a couple music videos. Been operating for about 3 years while in school - mostly on the Merlin but I've now the opportunity to fly a full size rig. Feels a bit long for a reel but figured I should show longer shots since I don't have much in the way of production value or familiar talent to show off. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn5v4UXg7MI
  7. Looking to purchase a Steadicam flyer arm or perhaps the arm and vest combo if you don't want to sell it separately. My budget for this is $1500. Thanks
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