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  1. hi

    do you sell wave rider separate?


    marco cuzzupoli

    1. Tom Wilkinson

      Tom Wilkinson

      All sold now Marco. Thanks. 

  2. sale pending. Thank you for all your interest, if it falls through I will get in touch with you all.
  3. Wave 1 for sale - in mint condition with wave rider (which makes for perfect balancing and perfect functioning). pre loved and never rented Also for (optional) sale with this package is an XCS LT2 sliding baseplate which is good for heavier cameras so you don’t have to have a super long post. PRO wave power cable 12v wave power cable Betz cheese plate wave, wave rider and accessories £5000 XCS plate £500 Buyer pays shipping PM me for high res photos....
  4. Can anyone suggest somewhere to rent a PRO rig and wave in DC?
  5. stil avail??? based in UK... shipping could be a Pain in the ...... ?
  6. bump! SPRING SALE - EVERYTHING MUST GO! willing to split the kit and sell items separately - or the whole kit for a bumper deal!
  7. Hi Chris, I could be interested yes. Are you based in the UK?
  8. Preston kit for sale. Asking £14,000 or best offer (cash).. Based in UK Focus / Iris (2 motors) with MDR2, HU3 and separate Iris control for sale. Very comprehensive and complete kit. Purchased new through Optical Support London at the end of 2012. Very good condition. Never dry hired and only used on my steadicam rig. All in perfect working order. Includes : 2 x PV power cables 2x PV turnover cables 2 x ARRI power cables 2 x ARRI turnover cables Cinetape interface cable 3 x Jerry Hill motor brackets (with PV and arri step down collars) 2 x DM2 motors (1 with fat gear) 4 x motor cables (2 x right angled, 1 x straight / right angled, 1 x extra long straight/ right angled) PV iris gear PV zoom gear Extra large gear 1 x spare gear. 1 x 12 v power 5 foot cable. 11 x white rings A,B,C,D & E pre marked rings Camera MDR mounting bracket. 4 batteries and 3 x chargers. Spare aerial and fuse.... All In a Peli Storm case! Please see pics. PM or email me at tomcgw@gmail.com if you are interested.
  9. Larry hi. If the Gerry hill 1 is the smaller one then yes. Why not just buy two?! Then you could have one at the top of the post for high mode docking and one at the bottom for low mode docking ? If not have a spare! I'm not expecting a lot of cash for them so don't really want to split them. How about £50 for the pair ??
  10. apologies, i've just realised that this is not a Tiffen plate. its 8.4mm. The same as PRO but does not have the indentation along the side to act as the safety catch should the camera slide
  11. excuse me - these post collars will not fit an XCS post. they are for a Tiffen post i believe.
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