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  1. Plenty of gears still available for anyone who is interested
  2. Preston Single Channel Rings for sale on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164277851835
  3. Wide gear is sold, will sell other gears for $10 each
  4. Selling extra Preston gears. $20/each for 32 pitch(I have 1 each of motor replacement style and screw-on style) , 48 pitch, 64 pitch or Fuji. I also have a wide 32 pitch for $40 Text 323.868.1586
  5. Used microforce, works great. Pickup in Los Angeles is OK $500 or best offer Bigdne68@yahoo.com
  6. Preston HU3 for sale. Works great and has latest firmware. Buttons replaces as well. Lights on knob work perfectly but plastic covers are gone. Comes with blank marking ring, 3 batteries and charger $4200 or best offer Bigdne68@yahoo.com
  7. Preston DM1 motor for sale. Comes with Hill-style 19mm bracket. Works great. $650 or best offer Bigdne68@yahoo.com
  8. MDR3 just had latest firmware installed at Preston, so both handset and mdr are updated. Asking $11,200 or $10,500(w/o DM1) Bigdne68@yahoo.com
  9. Selling backup 2-channel kit, HU3, MDR3, DM1X, DM1.. Includes 3 batteries and charger, 1 blank marking ring, 2 19mm Hill-style motor brackets, 1 motor cable, 1 Epic run cable, 1 Arri run cable, 1 Arri 24v power, 1 Panavision 24v power, 1 Panavision 12v power. Handset just back from Preston with latest firmware $12K located in Los Angeles for pick-up or can ship to you Bigdne68@yahoo.com
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