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  1. Currently on a production using the Alexa 65. Can confirm it uses 24V. The back Anton Bauer battery plate has a built in up-converter that converts a 12V on-board battery to supply 24V to the camera. According to an ARRI tech I spoke with, the camera can run as low as 22V and still function safely. So if you are looking to power the camera through your rig, ensure it can support 24V at up to 10 Amps. Currently Steadicam I work with just keeps the onboard battery on the back of the camera to power the camera. As for the bottom plate, the Steadicam op had a custom intermediate plate
  2. I did not know this! So, technically, I can use an old Analog Bartech handset, to talk to a Digital Bartech Receiver with a digital motor like a Preston Motor?
  3. I think the problem with the blacks is just inherent with using an LCD panel and not an OLED panel. Even the "black" pixels are being backlit (and even more so with the Ultrabright 703). I'm still waiting for them to update the firmware such that I can assign toggling of peaking and focus assist with one of the physical function buttons.
  4. From my experience, now having owned the monitor for almost a year, it is quite reflective. As an assistant, it doesn't bother me too much because the problem really only crops up when you have a light source behind your head when looking at the monitor. And in those cases, I can always angle the monitor to remedy the problem. I really do love how bright it is, and the brightness can often compensate for the reflections. I rarely ever need a shade/hood over my monitor even when working outside in daylight. That being said, I can see this being an issue for a steadicam monitor. When yo
  5. That's a great idea Johnathan. I found this product that essentially does the same thing: http://www.betterlight.com/zigAlign_options.html Seeing as how your method only requires a $2 pocket mirror, I'll probably try that first next time.
  6. This is a bit off-topic from steadicam-related things, and more of a camera assistant thing. With the prevalence of of VFX heavy shows, assistants are often being asked to shoot VFX charts and grids. Often times they involve shooting it with all the lenses in the package and depending on each focal length, you'll need to move the camera to an appropriate distance to frame the chart. My question is how do you keep the focal plane of the camera centered and completely parallel with the chart? This problem also crops up when you are required to shoot a rack leader/framing chart.
  7. Unfortunately I am not willing to separate the items. You can get aluminum rings for the Bartech here: http://shop.plcelectronicsolutions.com/products/Aluminium-Focus-Ring.html The Bartech I have came with the aluminum rings and I don't know where the previous owner got the rings.
  8. Last sale fell through due to some issues with the unit. I have sent it in to be serviced by Jim Bartell at the beginning of June 2017 and there are no longer any reception or stuttering issues with the unit. Selling a used Analog Bartech with M-One Motor with Aluminum Marking Rings SELLING AS IS. Notable issues include cosmetic wear and tear and one of the marking rings has a blemish. Asking Price is $3200.00 USD. Paypal is preferred method of payment. Buyer pays for shipping and any insurance desired. Please private message me any question or request for further det
  9. It does not turn back on once there is a power loss and power is then restored. Like the 702, you'll need to press the power button again to turn it back on. The boot-up time is quick, very similar to the 702.
  10. So after loading the 1.5.1 firmware, I can confirm that the ghosting issues are gone. I'll take some pictures tomorrow that'll show if there are any hot spots. If there are things people want to see in particular about the 703, let me know and I'll take videos/images.
  11. I received my 703 last Friday. I did notice the same ghosting issue as Walter. But I'll try the new firmware tomorrow on set and see if that fixes the issue. According to the changelog, it appears the original firmware is not interpreting P vs PsF signals correctly. And to respond to Jacek, the monitor is quite solid. Appears to be milled from a single solid piece of aluminum. Besides the joystick and buttons, I don't really notice any plastic on the exterior. The display is Gorilla Glass. But I guess time will tell how strong it is once they get out on sets and suffer some abuse.
  12. Selling a used Analog Bartech with M-One Motor with Aluminum Marking Rings Selling as is. Notable issues include cosmetic wear and tear. Channel dial on hand unit is missing it's knob. One of the marking rings has a blemish. Asking Price is $2900.00 USD. Paypal is preferred method of payment. Buyer pays for shipping and any insurance desired. Please private message me any question or request for further details. All pictures: http://imgur.com/a/WC2zT Included: Bartech Focus Device (BFD) Hand Unit Transmitter (SN: T1.0543) w/ Antenna, Neckstrap Bartech Analog Receiver (SN:
  13. You're right. That doesn't make sense. I guess we won't know for sure until someone gets their hands on one and measure the current draw.
  14. I spoke with David Bredbury from SmallHD this morning and he answered a few questions I had about the monitor. The 703 will draw about 12W-13W of power. Currently there are two 1/4 20 mounting holes on the back (one near the top and one near the bottom) and one on top of the monitor and one on the bottom. There are no holes on the side. They are working on a modular "cage" system that adds more mounting points. With the cage system mentioned, there will also be a shade available that can be mounted onto the monitor. The 703 uses a different molex connector on the back compared to the DP7-s
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