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  1. I have one available for the xbl6 if you’re still looking. mitch
  2. Hey Alan, maybe try “finger lights” you find at the dollar store? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have a DB2 with accessories in great working and looking condition. Original Owner bought new from Pro. PM Sent. Mitch
  4. Not bad for a newbie. Only advice I have for you is in order to be a good steadicam operator you have to be a great camera operator. Pause random frames in your steadicam footage and ask yourself is this good frame composition, headroom, horizon? Also look for frames which can be improved and seek out techniques and practice them. Gradually work your way up to shooting with 50-85mm lenses and review them as mentioned but at regular speed (slow motion can give you the illusion of being a good steadicam operator). Keep working at it, always trying to improve regardless of your skill level. M[emoji1598]
  5. Hi, any idea why these can't be used for camera power? Seems to be the fine print with these type of plates. Mitch
  6. Hi Guys, I found out that Camera Essentials no longer has stock and have discontinued the XCS Ultimate Rain Cover Battery/Sled/Monitor. After speaking with Patti, there may be a chance if there's enough interest that they may suss out a way to build more. So I'm just gauging interest. Alternatively, does anybody have any other reusable solutions that work for both regular and low mode protection? Photos would be great too. Thanks! Mitch
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm selling a pair of extra GPI PRO Systems Black Canisters from my kit. I've had them for a while but have used them maybe 4-5 times. Selling because I can't see myself needing an extra set of black canisters. Available immediately in Canada, US and potentially worldwide. Selling for $2800 US or $3700 CAD. PM me if interested and/or if you have any questions! Thanks for looking! Mitch
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm selling my beloved Pro Atlas Arm S/N 038 with Gray Canisters. I bought it new from PRO and am the only owner. It comes in like new mint condition complete with bag, tools and spare parts. I'm selling it because I've somehow accumulated 4 steadicam systems and 5 arms over the years and decided to stay with 2 systems. Available immediately in Canada, US and potentially worldwide. Selling for $10,000 US or $13,200 CAD. Note: I'll be selling a Pro Cine-Live sled, Complete Steadicam Flyer system, and a pair of PRO Black Canisters in the near future as well if interested. PM me if interested and/or if you have any questions! Thanks for looking! Mitch
  9. Hey Guys, how do I adjust the zoom to something custom? Or, am I misunderstanding the meaning of zoom multi-step. I currently only see 1:1, 1.33x, and 10% on my 6" X-SBL. Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mitch
  10. Just received confirmation. 0.8 gears are twice the price of all others gears at PLC and aren't listed in their website. Hopefully those others places will have them cheaper. (M)
  11. Hi guys thanks for the info and replies. Prior to posting I did contact plc directly. Also asked them to double check the price. Or if it was a 3 pack despite the quote saying it was for each. Doesn't make sense but in the interest of time I looking for alternates. Thanks for the suggestions! (M)
  12. Hi everyone, do any of you know where I can buy spare 0.8 gear rings for Heden M21VE-L's? PLC has them but they're twice the cost ($120) of other gear rings ($60) and I'm not sure why. Hope to have a couple spares on hand. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks! (M)
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